Monday, October 26, 2009

Going Rogue or GOING ROUGE? Democrats Continue Attacks on Palin

h/t to The Daily Blogster for this story.

The left knows no shame. In response to Sarah Palin's memoir titled Sarah Palin, Going Rogue, an American Life , the left has published a book titled GOING ROUGE, Sarah Palin, an American Nightmare. Here are the covers of the books side by side:

Sarah Palin's book is on the right.

However, one would not know that at first glance. Both appear to be Sarah Palin's memoir, both appear to be written by Palin, and both are made to look exactly alike.

The left truly know no shame. They know no decency. And they work day and night in order to undermine liberty as if this is some sort of a childish game. They are true enemies to liberty, and acts such as this are a glaring mock of anyone holding an alternative belief.

I feel pity for them, really. What low level humans they are... what a shame to waste such a precious gift as life on fascist children. What is worse is that they think they are being so clever...

My advise - contact the publisher O/R Books with your concern over their childish game. And furthermore, purchase Palin's actual book to indicate support for liberty minded conservatives - whether she is your "gal" or not...

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  1. It is not surprising that the uglies chose to call their smear collection Going Rouge (note the spelling).

    They do say imitation is the greatest compliment. Not sure I would call this a compliment, but I surely will do all I can to make sure "that" book is not in a place of prominence in our local stores!

  2. HA! I was in such a fit of anger that I missed the spelling difference entirely... I have made the changes! Thanks for the head's up...

  3. Ya know, I didn't like it when the righties did this sort of thing, and I don't like it when the lefties do it either.

  4. Blue - It is shameful on both fronts, and I will be sure to call both sides out on it in all future occurrences to which I am made aware! Thanks for commenting!

  5. It is also in most cases against the law to steal sales of anything by brand confusion or branding theft. If Palin took this to court she would spite of the spelling difference.