Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conservative WIN - NY23 HD Moderate GOP candidate withdraws from race

Moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava, a candidate for the NY Congressional District 23 race, has just announced a suspension to her campaign, marking a major turn in the widely debated and hotly contested NY congressional seat.

This is major "bellwether" news for the GOP, indicating that 2010 recruitement should track more to the right and focus on capturing the momentum of the Tea Party movement.

There were three individuals in this race to replace Rep. John McHugh, who vacated his seat to become Obama's Sec of the Army. One Liberal Democrat, One Moderate Republican, and One Conservative Party member. The Democrat very clearly aligns with the Obama/Pelosi Democrats. The Moderate Republican (Scozzafava) aligns with McCain. The Conservative aligns with the Tea Party movement.

The Democrats have been focusing the attention of their campaign on the Conservative, Doug Hoffman, as recent polling indicated it was a two person race between the Liberal Democrat and the Tea Party Conservative. Scozzafava has received national party support, endorsements from Newt Gingrich, and general endorsements from party establishment who continue to run the party as if it was BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Let this be a wake-up call... the suspended campaign of Scozzafava and the general lack of support for the GOP "don't rock the boat" movement is a sign that the Party must return to Libertarian and Conservative roots and give up this left of center "moderate" approach.

Please refer to the old moniker "when republicans act like democrats they lose, when they act like republicans they win"... NY HD23 is a clear indicator of the truth in this statement. America wants liberty, private property protection, and limited government... it has nothing to do with party affiliation anymore... our future leadership is being cultivated in an era of Liberty... the GOP must embrace this or die on the vine as a centrist fence sitting party.


  1. Yay! This is great. Now the Republican ticket won't be split. Very wise, from a party standpoint. And from the standpoint of the Conservatives taking over the party, it also bodes well.

  2. Scozzafava dropping out is great news, but I don't think your characterization of the respective candidates is accurate. Scozzafava is a "liberal" -- not a "moderate", further to the Left than McCain and (as I understand it) the Democrat candidate in this race.

    It's not about purging moderate Republicans in races where only moderates can win. It's about the national party out of control in supporting a candidate well to the Left of the American mainstream.

  3. Ben - Scozzafava was the Republican candidate, and was being billed as a "moderate" by Gingrich and the local GOP. Interestingly enough, The Republican drop-out candidate has endorsed the Democrat in the race instead of the Conservative... Goes to show that an "R" at the end of your name on a ballot does not indicate much anymore!

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