Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Passion, Tears, Disarray at Kitsap County Republican Meeting

There is an electricity in the air. A political buzz, a charge, coursing through the veins of libertarians, conservatives, and independents. It is almost as if there is a great re-awakening of the "liberty consciousness".

At the October Kitsap County Republican meeting the energy manifested itself in a series of passionate statements by the board members present, who all voiced their frustration with D.C., Olympia, and their local overwhelmingly Democratic 'overlords'. When the floor was open for comments, there was a vocal chorus of desire and drive for involvement, in one case invoking tears from a woman so deeply struck with the erosion of her liberties. There was a charge in the room, an energy that if bottled would surely burn brightly...

However, there seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing, as I see it time and again across this nation... the passion is there, the voices in the crowd are there... but the leadership... the leadership is in disarray. More time was spent by the board members trying to understand the election structure of a subcommittee than discussion of actual business - how to motivate the 40+ foot soldiers who gave up their Monday night to join in the conservative movement. Many left after assuring the board that the meeting was a waste of their time and they would not return... it is very sad that the board may not have gotten the message.

To the leadership of the Kitsap GOP, and to those of you reading this who may not feel like you have been given direction in this movement, there are a number of things you can do.

  1. Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Myspace... There are outlets allowing you to develop your political voice. Readers offer great constructive criticism, and also usually have great things to say in their own blogs/tweets.
  2. Talk to your neighbors. It seems like Republicans and conservatives have been shamed into silence... to openly admit that you are a republican is somehow "taboo", especially amongst young individuals... Embrace your core conservative and libertarian values... Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness... and talk to you neighbors about them.
  3. Find a candidate or campaign you can embrace and support. Work call centers on their behalf, canvass neighborhoods and talk to the voters... Become a foot soldier. Host "coffee's" or "teas" to openly discuss the campaign and invite the candidate to speak to individuals... start a grassroots movement and recruit more foot soldiers.
  4. Educate yourself about the issues. This is most important, especially when faced with opposition illogic.

I will be taking this list of tasks to the Kitsap County GOP in hopes that they can begin to organize an effective groundswell ahead of 2010. Right now there is much to be done.

For the rest of my readers, if you are finding the same disarray, let me know about it, and let your leadership know that the short list above is a great way to direct individuals who have a burning to get involved. A willing volunteer is worth their weight in gold... DO NOT LET THEM GO AWAY EMPTY HANDED!

And remember - A good manager never forgets to thank and praise co-workers and the foot soldiers. Rewarding good behavior usually leads to repeat actions and increased productivity.


  1. Thank you for these suggestions. I've linked to your post from a blog on which I'm a contributor (ThePalination.com), read by many across the country.

    I hope and pray that many folks take these suggestions and run with them. The leadership vacuum will be our undoing if no one rises to the occasion.

  2. Which is the problem with the GOP... most good activists have day jobs, and are not career politicians... pay the bills or save the party... feed my daughter or run for office... Work/Life balance in the GOP is tough...

    Let's hope that talent emerges, else we lose everything we have built over the last few months!

  3. Excellent post with great insight.

    You might add that a good manager never forgets to thank and praise co-workers and the foot soldiers.

    The Left is using the lack of effective leadership in the GOP to their advantage. They keep the party tilted by insisting that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are the leadership and as such are so ineffective...........

    Rev. Paul, thank you for posting this at ThePalination.com!

  4. Meadow - thanks for the addition. It has been added :) You are absolutely correct

  5. Steven, you're going to get a nice little link later today at Libertarian Republican blogspot.

    Stay tuned...

  6. Steven, do you know Steve Behrens of Seattle? Ran for Congress a couple times? He's a friend of mine. Great guy. And he's got quite the libertarian attitude. You should link up with him.

  7. BTW, forgot to mention, I spent a year of my life in the Bremerton shipyards on an Aircraft Carrier - USS Kittyhawk. Ex-wife is from Port Orchard.

  8. Eric -

    Thanks for the link. Being recently relocated back to Washington State, I am somewhat out of loop as far as local officials, candidates, and affairs. If you have folks that want to do some idea sharing I am all for it. I am settling back in and bringing with me my experience and loud voice for our political ideals... Looking forward to a great working relationship. Thanks for the accolades and spotlight on your site.