Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GOP Power Struggle - Fixing the "Warlord" Party

CNN reports, most humorously, that the GOP is a shattered party in "warlord" status. I say humorously because it is on par with calling water wet. There was one clear message in the 2008 Primaries - the party had no leadership. The current leadership had failed (GW Bush), the party constituents felt increasingly unrepresented, and the vetting process for leadership failed miserably with the selection of John McCain.

There is currently a battle underway, between the old dogs like McCain, and the new dogs like Palin. A power vacuum of epic proportion:

In one corner, conservatives are accusing moderates of abandoning party principles. In the other, moderates are blasting conservatives for drawing partisan lines. And then there's the Tea Party fringe that's attacking both sides -- moderates because they are moderate and conservatives because they are not conservative enough. "Where the Republicans are having the biggest problem now is sort of a vacuum of leadership," said Republican strategist Chris Wilson.
With 2010 quickly approaching, the GOP leadership is going to rise from the most vocal and most active crowds. This means that the 2010 GOP primaries and general election are most likely going to be driven by the "fringe" Tea Party activists (I say fringe because CNN may not recognize that the Tea Party philosophy is actually becoming very mainstream). The party has lost identity, purpose, and confidence of the electorate... on this point, the CNN report is right.

The CNN report goes on to say: "The reason, according to Avlon, is that the Republican Party tried to move forward without dealing with the mistakes of the recent past."

The mistakes of the recent past do continue to plague the RNC and a general Republican "brand" which is exactly why Michael Steele and other National level figure heads have been completely ineffective in "fixing" the party. They have attempted to continue marching forward with no valid attempt at reconciliation. It is this disconnect which has moved the RNC out of favor with many GOP affiliated voters and independents. With the RNC so out of touch with the voters, there is no way they can claim to represent the party members.

However, the mistakes of the past are being reconciled on a different front... the "fringe" Tea Parties are airing the dirty laundry list of the "fed-up" Republicans. To be a Republican used to mean a leaning on certain core values... these values were the tent poles, and all were welcome inside this tent. However, the current party is plagued by an inability to stick to the principles:

*Social conservatives have worked to isolate a certain part of the population, using the power of government to push an agenda.
*Security conservatives have become war hungry, using 9/11 and the "fear" of imminent attack as a means to perpetuate foreign war as well as eradicate civil liberties at home.
*Fiscal conservatives became corrupted by power and "spent" like socialists.

We became the gay-bashing, war mongering, fiscally loose political party who insanely surrendered the very liberties we were supposed to protect and defend... We became paranoid in the aftermath of 9/11, so much so that we actually offered up civil liberties in a massive expansion of the federal government, aiding in the redefinition of "government" in America - I fear a lurch toward totalitarianism that we may never get back.

What must come from this? What Lesson is to be learned? How must we rise from the ashes as a new and more perfect political party? How can we be the party to reclaim American Liberty - relighting that shiny beacon on the hill?

The answer - Principled Leadership.

We need a leader who understands the fact that only 25% of Americans approve of Congress' Job. This alone draws into question the partisan struggle for over-reaching government control of our daily lives.

We need a leader who understands that ability to use force is sometimes more powerful than the use of force, and that Americans want to be done fighting perpetual wars.

We need a leader who understands that the only way to fix this nation is not to further divide the country by fanning the flames of "control" that separate American from American, rather to scale back the grip of government social engineering, letting Americans once again experience liberty.

All things can be solved in this nation by following a simple philosophy - smaller government means more freedom.

A republican leader needs to live by that simple philosophy and lead by it as well... it is with that fundamental value that we become the "big tent" party once again. We need a leader who will redefine the party as the small government party. We need to counter the Democrats, not become the democrats.

We need to give the American people the opportunity to succeed, not simply have the government "do it for us". Yes, that means rejecting a government run health care system in favor of re-writing the rules to allow doctors to work more directly with patients at a more affordable cost. The answer, I tell you, is not a government take-over... it is in Tort reform, an increase in community clinics for health and wellness visits, and a challenge to the American People to lead healthier lives.

We need to give the American People true liberty... that includes sexual affiliation. No studies have shown that same sex couples do mental or physical damage to bringing up children. There is no harm in same sex hospital visitations. No harm is going to be done to our society by giving a same sex individual the right of kinship or the power of attorney. We need to not run the government like a church, and remove church functions from government - like marriage. The government should not recognize ANY marriage as a "blessed event" (actual words from the Pierce County, WA marriage License). The answer is to allow Contracts of Civil Trust, where religiously married individuals as well as same sex couples can enter into a civil trust with one another, allowing powers of attorney, shared resources, etc. Why are we using the government to force social agenda's one way or the other? Judge not lest ye be judged... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Let us find a leader who can respect the social conservative values of this country while at the same time explaining the perils of social engineering by the government, and you have a party that can now focus on the real issues of government expansion.

We need to give the American People a smaller government, less taxes. Reduce and eliminate government programs across the board. Set the challenge to the states to pick the programs that work for their communities and leave it to the states. Let's start living by the Constitution at all levels, and eliminate government excess.

We need to stop running the government like a business. Businesses live to make a profit... if a government makes a profit it should be returned to the people. We should pay down our debts, which further ensures our security, eliminate the ability of the government to put us into eternal debt, and stabilize our form of currency - returning it to a treasury note, eliminating the Federal Reserve.

Gingrich changed the GOP in 1994 with the Contract with America. We need similarly strong leadership and a renewed message of clear objectives. We are the party of small government, increased liberties, reduced taxation... somewhere along our journey we lost our way. This is our opportunity to correct the course... If only we have leadership strong enough to make these changes.

I have a list of potentials for the 2012 GOP. Do you see one capable of leading our course correction? Please vote to the right. If you don't see your "pick", please, leave a comment and let me know of a rising star!


  1. Excellently reasoned & expressed, sir. I only pray that enough people are listening to such wisdom.

  2. Rev - I pray that like minded liberty republicans are able to step outside of their lives for the moment to redirect this country. If our personal objective is money and personal security, and liberty is tossed aside, our true character is revealed. This is why I am strongly considering stepping outside... the timing of my relocation just makes it very VERY difficult... Praying for guidance on this one... I'll know for sure after the 2009 elections in November... maybe first of the year... If you want something done right, do it yourself?!? Right?

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