Monday, November 2, 2009

The Price of the "Big Tent" Revealed

If I wasn't clear before, let me be perfectly clear now: SUPPORTING LIBERAL REPUBLICANS (aka RINO's or "Moderates") FOR 'BIG TENT' STRATEGY IS ABSOLUTE INSANITY.

Gingrich, Steele, and many others backed the NY Congressional House District 23 Republican Scozzafava, a self proclaimed Moderate Republican. On the surface this seems harmless enough, but once one delves into her true colors, it is any wonder why she is a Republican at all.

HD23 in New York has been held by Republicans for 120 years. It is a conservative stronghold in a liberal state. To win in HD23, you must be a Republican. In this case, democrats are disguising themselves as republicans in order to win votes, and even using party rules and assemblies to win support of the party without the electorate's support of the values which they represent.

Scozzafava the "Republican" was anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-govt. healthcare, pro-Obama... which is no wonder why Charles Schumer and Rahm Emanuel successfully counseled her to support THE DEMOCRAT in the race after withdrawing over the weekend. That is right, the "moderate" Scozzafava endorsed the very liberal Democrat Bill Owens over the NY Conservative Party candidate Douglas Hoffman.

I reject the argument that we should embrace moderates where conservatives can't win to "build a big tent"...lest we end up with liberals where a conservative best represents the republican values.

To be a Liberty Republican is not to be a radical Right Wing Extremist. Rather it is to embrace the radical concept of freedom from government, freedom of self determination, freedom of property protection, and freedom of personal protection.

A "moderate" social conservative may be an acceptable candidate if they can adequately build a case based on liberty and limited government. To show an understanding of the principles of Liberty and the backbone to defend them at all costs makes you a liberty republican... Not just because you place an "R" behind your name on a ballot.

Enough is Enough. 2009 elections are going to reflect the anti-big-government sentiment in the US, and will fan the flames for Tea Party progress moving forward into 2010.

Goldwater reminded us that "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!"

Is it so extreme to ask our Republican Leadership to listen to the grassroots Liberty Movement and help give Liberty a Second Chance in America?

Or, shall we be so resigned as to accept that even the Republican Party believes that Big Government, more taxes, and more regulation are the only answer to America's future.

If so, I offer you an America with one party rule. The price of the Big Tent, indeed.


  1. It's entirely likely that a Hoffman victory in New York will establish the American Conservative Party as a viable political choice. This is a very interesting time, old Chinese curse notwithstanding.

    Great post; thanks.

  2. Rev - The rise of an American Conservative Party could make 2010 very interesting, and could be the wake-up call to the two party system. With a multi party system there is a better chance of clear representation, and much more need for coalition building in plain site of the electorate... right now it is R and D shaking hands behind closed doors, which just isn't working.