Thursday, February 7, 2008

Through Super Tuesday, County Results

Hat tip to Suitably Flip for providing this map!
And of course, Flip provides a hat tip to Wikipedia for providing the early version of the map. It is interesting to see the counties where each of the GOP candidates received the win. In the south, excluding Florida, Romney's only support are in a few dense urban areas... The same seems to hold true for McCain in the South. This should come as no suprise to anyone, as Southerners tend to rally behind their Southern Brothers... and as such, Huckabee pulled the upset in the southern states.

The results I find most interesting are in Wisconsin and Montana, where the campaigns had little time to organize state-wide efforts. In effect, you see an accurate representation of what grass-roots only states look like. It is beautiful!

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  1. Awesome map, glad you got a hold of that. We'll see where things go from here!