Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AP reports end of world?

In reading about the impending doom to the US Military Satellite this morning I ran across an interesting and cataclysmic prognostication:
Because USA 193 is already so low, the risks of the planned shoot down creating
more space debris are minimal. Most of the pieces would burn up Earth's
. (sic)

Now I have spent the last week on blogs and YouTube videos trying to talk down the crazies who are preparing their foil hats in preparation for this event... only to have the AP give them just cause for crying: "conspiracy!"

I can see it now... "was the AP's story foretelling the impending doom of this event?" "Is there more that the government knows but they aren't telling, and this was a message from the AP to those who know what to look for?"

Of course, this posting is in jest. I now fully understand the importance of proofreading... and the importance of the word "IN".

Enjoy the fireworks today!

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