Friday, February 22, 2008

National Space Society, Mike Huckabee, and a Weekend Out

Last night was a very interesting night! I was part of a panel of experts discussing topics related to Human Exploration of Space for the National Space Society. I have some video and pictures that I will be adding later. Unfortunately there was not a larger crowd. All of the presenters had great things to say!

Tonight, as I am participating in the Leadership Program of the Rockies' Leadership Retreat, I have the opportunity to sit down for a good two hours with Mike Huckabee and discuss politics, followed by an hour long speech and Q&A session during dinner. Needless to say, tonight is going to be a great night.

Our speaker tomorrow during lunch is the Wall Street Journal's John Fund!

And after all is said and done I should have some great stories, great pictures, and great videos to share with you all!

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  1. I thought you might be interested in our new Huckabee video, "A Call to Texans." You can view the video here:

    Please post this on your blog and pass it on to all your friends in Texas!