Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sour Grapes

Romney supporters across America, and especially on FoxNews and Talk radio, are blowing West Virginia WAY out of proportion.

Looking at the numbers, McCain and Paul had 334 votes between them. With Paul out of the race, that left 118 voters up for grabs. McCain's 176 votes were in jeopardy as a potential third round would likely count him out altogether.

Huckabee gained 192 votes. That means that some Ron Paul supporters also came to Mike Huckabee.

Romney gained 57 votes. Suppose for a moment that some of those votes came from McCain supporters... That is most likely.

73 voters walked out of the convention, opting not to vote more than once.

In the West Virginia convention process, we all need to understand that a non viable candidate, like McCain and Paul in the first vote, will require that their delegates have a legitimate second choice. Their motivation to vote should not be called into question. That is called poor sportsmanship. That is being nothing more than a sour grape!

Romney gained votes on the second choice, but Huckabee gained more. It may be that some delegates were undecided as to their second choice, and were instructed that they should support Huckabee. That is the process in this type of venue.

To quote Romney himself: Quit Whining!

A loss is a loss, and that is what Romney took in West Virginia. Learn to lose with dignity, learn to lose with grace. Stop being sour grapes!

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