Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The end of Castro's Cuba

I have waited my entire life for this news. Fidel Castro is officially stepping down after half a century of rule over the Cuban people. But with Castro's brother likely to get the nod, one must wonder how things will change.

Will the embargo end after all these years? Will the people of Cuba be the inhabitants of a freer Cuba? Will we see an end to families sailing to America in refrigerators and other make-shift rafts? Will Cubans be free to travel the world without the Cuban government wondering if they will come back to their island prison? Will the free market take hold on the Caribbean Island, allowing lower prices and more selection of goods?

Time will tell.

I have been waiting for the day when the Cuban markets are open to the Americans for one reason: Cars.

Cuba is chock-full of classic cars straight out of the heyday of American automobile era! Rust buckets or not, opening this market to investors will allow a huge new inventory of well kept automobiles! And soon thereafter, these cars will make a new appearance on the streets of America… a homecoming of sorts!

Cuban cigars… pfft. I am looking forward to the cars!

And what better way to help boost the economy than with the flood of the Cuban Economy with the US Dollar in exchange for their automobiles!

The US economy will see a boost as well. Auto traders will be looking for replacement parts, kits to revive the old beauties, and of course mechanics will be in high demand.

But back to the more serious issue of freedom. If the Cuban market is allowed to be free, the people will have the opportunity to thrive. If the people can be successful in a free market, they have something to fight for, and the Island will strengthen itself as a free nation. If Cuba becomes a free nation, Cubans will be less likely to flee the country in search of freedom in America. The increase in wealth will spark the increase in education and health, and of course leisure. Cubans will be free to once again explore the world as free people, without fear of returning home. And foreigners will be free to visit the island, strengthening their tourism market, and creating jobs.

This could be the perfect example of the importance of a free market society, and the benefits thereof. We would not have seen such a turn around since the fall of the Berlin wall… so this will be a great example for our youngest generation.

And the possibilities for Cuba are endless.

Cuba needs no real army. The only nation to invade or attack them in 50 years has been the United States. They can reduce their armed forces spending, and in turn reduce taxation of the Cuban people. I am sure the US would be more than happy to provide military defense of the island nation.

Cuba is a great place for the space industry to flourish. Florida is nice, but Cuba is better! Cuba’s more southern location makes it a better location to launch into GEO orbit. The closer to the equator the less fuel required to stabilize the orbit, and the less money required to launch. Cuba could market itself as the hub to the space tourism market, providing low cost and highly accessible launches to space tourists on their way to honeymoon in orbit, or eventually on the moon itself.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s wait and see who the new president of Cuba will be, and if the successor has the foresight required to bring his country to the forefront of the developed nations.


  1. Don't know too much about the space stuff to agree or disagree. But I do agree with you on the car stuff. Not only would it be a good for the classic car market. It could mean future customers for GM. The Cubans don't know about the crap that was made by the big three from the mid 70's to late 80's. They only think "grandpa's Chevy has lasted the last 50 years, GM must be a great car company."

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