Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Elections in the North East - States won update

Below is an update of the states won by each candidate. Romney is out, McCain and Huckabee are soaring in the polls as the last two contenders... and state after state is dishing out delegates. Mike Huckabee continues to win in the southern states, and McCain edges out Huckabee in Washington state by 200 votes. Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC vote today, likely to be a sweep for McCain. But perhaps the Potomac region has some tricks up it's sleeves?
I will continue to update this map as results come in.
As well, Democratic results are below. With these two candidates fighting for a majority, and in a very clear delegate tie with the potential for legal battles to come up should Hillary lose, The Democratic party is not in a good position. They spent the early part of this campaign season berating the Republicans for a hotly contested seat, but now find themselves in the only non-civil contest at risk of dividing their party. The Potomac contests seem to favor Obama, in another round of the Clinton machine self-destructing in the public forum.


  1. It's just a hive, only a thoughtless hive, filled with natural, all is natural jive.

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