Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conservative Coalition to take down McCain?

McCain can lock the GOP nomination by securing 54% of the remaining delegates.

Huckabee needs an impossible 91% to do the same.

However, if McCain does not lock the nomination, we go to a brokered convention.

Should Huckabee pull within 100 - 300 delegate votes of McCain by the end of this thing, Romney and Thompson may consider endorsing Huckabee, asking their pledged delegates to vote Huckabee at the convention, and we could see the Conservative Coalition take down McCain.

This should be the new focus of the campaign... Conservative Coalition.

For those of you who claim that Huckabee is not a conservative... remember, there is Social conservative, Fiscal Conservative, and Military conservative... That is Huckabee, Romney, Thompson... The three of them working together could derail the McCain Express.

Conservative Coalition anyone?

Huckabee/Palin, Huckabee/Thompson, Huckabee/Romney with top cabinet posts for the coalition...

Conservative Coalition!

(I think I am the first to propose this: 12:30 MT - let's see if it catches on)


  1. It's not going to happen. Have you seen how poorly Huckabee has fared in exit polls in states not in the South or not named Iowa. Like it or not, it looks like a done deal that McCain is our nominee.

  2. Huckabee is a lying liberal, and I wouldn't vote for him for president even if Romney or Thompson made the mistake of agreeing to be his running mate.