Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liberals and the "God Problem" - Obama Claims to "Hear God"

If there is one thing that a liberal hates more than a conservative, it is a God Fearing Conservative! Never mind if the head of the Democratic Party claims to hear the voice of God... read on for the full story:

Recent attacks on Sarah Palin, because she is a practicing Christian, have directed the argument in that matter - if a Conservative is a Christian, they must be some Radical Crusader hell bent on converting Americans by the thousands.

The Obamedia has been reporting on half-truths and outright lies regarding Sarah Palin claiming that the war in Iraq is a mission from God - even ABC's Charlie Gibson attempted a hack job attack on Sarah Palin regarding a half-quote from a speech she gave.

The truth of the quote, however, was that Sarah Palin was suggesting that all things we do in the US, be it in war and peace, we should pray that they are being done out of God's Will, not our own - and that prayer should help us determine what is the right course of actions. It was a paraphrase of Abraham Lincoln's belief that what he was doing in maintaining the Union was the will of God, lest the north should not win.

Sarah Palin prays, and is demonized because of it. Because the Liberals want to strike fear in the heart of their fellow man that love of God is wrong? Because Liberals want to start a panic that Christians are hell-bent on bringing the inquisition to the United States? Yes. But it is all lies.

Where Conservatives are hated for their faith, Liberals are embraced for their bravery in standing up for liberal ideals under the tyranny of Christian Values... or it is ignored all together, as if discussing a Liberal's faith is off limits.

In January, Barack Obama gave an interview with, in which he CLAIMED HE HEARS THE VOICE OF GOD:
The prayer that I tell myself every night is a fairly simple one: I ask in the name of Jesus Christ that my sins are forgiven, that my family is protected and that I am an instrument of God's will. I'm constantly trying to align myself to what I think he calls on me to do. And sometimes you hear it strongly and sometimes that voice is more muted.
Why is it that Charlie Gibson does not berate Obama over the claims that he hears the voice of God? Why doesn't Saturday Night Live do a skit suggesting that because Obama is a Christian that he thinks dinosaurs are a failed animal which lived 4000 years ago?

The answer is simple. The left use religion as a tool to attack the right - claiming that religion is for the fools and ignorant to "cling to". The left have pushed themselves so far from religion or spirituality that to pin someone as religious is to slander them as a radical idiot.

The left embrace the religion of secularism, not of the state but of the self. They embrace the religion of Atheism, forcing the perception that there is no God but the government.

So what problem comes when Barack Obama claims to hear the voice of God? From the left, there is none. They won't acknowledge the claim.


  1. You're not criticizing Obama to listening for God's voice, right? It's the hypocrisy of some liberal writers that bothers you?

    Many bloggers are afraid of Sarah Palin's religious convictions and the way she incorporates them into her policies. They are wrong to criticize her for being religious, but they are right to be concerned that she won't keep church and state separate. Having religious beliefs, good (or at worst, irrelevant). Imposing them on others, bad.

    However, many of the writers calling Sarah Palin a religious nut are blowing things way out of proportion and revealing their own paranoia and resentment of all things Bible-based. I've read many articles like this, and roll my eyes at them.

    She expressed a desire to censor library books. Very bad! She signed Wasilla up as an International City of Character, which is somehow affiliated to a Christian association -- not a cause for alarm.

    On teaching creationism and abstinence-only sex education -- she has made statements on her support for these policies, and they are open for debate. Calling her views here to the attention of voters is fair. Any imposition of religious views on city or state government is a fair point of criticism.

    It is true that many people are freaked out by her church. And I roll my eyes at them for being afraid of what they don't understand. But also bad are the people on the right who support McCain because they're Christians, when Obama is a Christian, and McCain ... yeah, well, I'm sure his name is on a church's roll somewhere. At least Palin is a practicing Christian.

    You believe Palin was really thinking of Lincoln when she said Iraq was a mission from God? That sounds like a bunch of BS that the campaign staff came up with. But I don't think her original comment was crazy in its context. Clearly she's not an expert on the war in Iraq, and it's not like she started it.

    You're correct that some liberals have gone overboard fearing her faith. They're not being rational. There are points to criticize her on, but "she goes to this wacko church and believes that Jesus is coming back!" is not it. I respect Assembly of God. Any true liberal (as opposed to political Liberal) would respect her religious beliefs and focus only on her record of governance.

    I should make a post of the points that do bother me about Palin, so that you can respond.

  2. Jessi -

    That argument "that they are concerned that she wont keep church and state seperate" only seems to be an issue on the right, from the left. NO-ONE would EVER suggest that Obama is one day going to make a decission because he was inspired by God - because he hears God's voice...

    The point of the article, as you guessed, is the frustration of the hypocracy.

    Regarding her record -

    Creationism teaching - she only suggested that if a discussion began in a class, that the teacher not squash the discussion as if it was some sort of faux-pas to mention creationism. She is not suggesting a prayer session in school as mandatory. This is merely a supported policy of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. She is opposed to the fascism of "no talk zones" when it comes to certain subjects.

    Library Books - She never suggested that she was going to ban a specific book. She was interested in how well the librarian would work with her administration to achieve certain standards for a publicly funded establishment - for instance, would we support a wing of the library with every edition of Playboy or Hustler in a periodical section?

    Regarding her God/Iraq comment - if you think that is scary, listen to some JFK speeches, other than the Moon and Ask Not speeches. That guy would be considered a religious radical right wing nutjob... yet he is an icon of the left!?!

    Thanks for building a logical argument on this subject. I suggest that you do post a list of fears/complaints. I would love your opinion, and would love to address each one rationally - it is hard to find rational left leaning bloggers sometimes :) ;)