Monday, September 29, 2008

How a Republic becomes an Empire - ROME v. US

Beginning October 1st, this WEDNESDAY, the US Army will assign The 3rd Infantry’s 1st Brigade Combat Team on ACTIVE DUTY inside the United States - dubbing it "Consequence Management Response Force" operating in the United States - operating out of Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

This combat brigade has spent 35 of the last 60 months operating in heavy combat in Iraq - now they are being stationed as part of an active combat operation within the United States.

Though this is not the first time an active operation has taken place within the borders of US proper, this is the first time that an unprecedented active and permanent deployment of US combat troops has been deployed in the United States.

I cannot help but recall the early days of the Roman Empire, when defending the Republic was the mantra of those in command, however Rome became a place of martial law and eventually an Empire under the Caesar's. Roman law stated that no Roman Army could cross the Rubicon River - Yet, when Julius Caesar marched his army south and into Rome, a new age began in which Rome ceased to be a Republic and set the stage for the Roman Empire.

Yet, Caesar's deployment of combat troops to Rome was not the only act that ended the Republic - it was Caesar's bribery of the troops, the citizens, and the wealthy with gold from Rome's treasury. These payments came as goodwill signs that Caesar was intent on ruling on behalf of the people - yet the Civil Wars that ensued ensured the death of the Roman Republic.

Parallel to the United States in the new century... After the attacks of September 11th, Homeland Security was created, giving rise to the day-to-day existence of authoritarian government officials in our daily lives. This is the sign of the unrest of the nation - just as the unrest existed with the growing concerns in Ancient Rome when Pompey and Julius broke their friendship. The United States handed out a $600 per person payment from "the treasury" to show a sign of goodwill to the Plebs - just as Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar did on many occasion to ensure domestic jubulance. The United States Federal Government has taken an authoritarian stance towards the states, and the citizens, now stationing active combat troops inside the United States and tramping on state's rights - just as Julius Caesar stationed troops inside of the city walls of Rome, as well as throughout the countryside, instituting martial law and military authoritarianism.

Conspiracy Theory or not? There are now too many coincidences for a conservative libertarian like myself to ignore. Without discrediting myself, I want to take a moment and question the intentions of this United States Government.

1. Presidential Directive 51 - In order to maintain an "Enduring Constitutional Government", the President has the sole power (where it used to take an act of congress) to take over all functions of the government in the event of a "catastrophic event" to provide "leadership visible to the nation and the world". This gives the President absolute power to mandate certain operations to ensure "stability" as he sees fit.

2. Telephone Tapping Infrastructure - Since 9/11, the US government has been conducting a surveillance of telephone conversations in search of intelligence regarding terrorism in the United States. This tapping debate was led by the battle cry "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" - regardless of the implications to civil liberties. One thing that was not also considered was the building of the infrastructure to tap the general public. Now the infrastructure exists to listen to, and record every conversation via telephone services - less Blackberry because Canada refuses to cooperate with tapping.

3. Inflation and Distraction - The value of the US dollar has decreased by 96% since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Debt has gone from $0 to nearly $10 Trillion in the same amount of time (and has continued to increase an average of $2.32 billion per day since September 28, 2007!) , and the Federal Government is making no plans to stop spending (especially under Obama). The taxpayers of the United States seems not too concerned about this debt, as we have been cultured into a "credit" state of mind, and distracted by commercialism and reality TV constantly demanding that we "watch and vote" - as if it made some sort of a difference in the world! The burden of the debt is over $30,000 per US citizen - more than a years pay for most Americans. Such a burden forces the citizenry into a state of "constant work" in order to survive - thus removing the mind of the masses.

4. Digital Television Infrastructure - Beginning Feb 2009 all televisions will be on a digital signal, allowing interactive information sharing between the TV and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. This allows, initially, an exact tracking of what each TV is watching - trends, stations, etc... even volume information may be available as digital TVs are asked to deliver certain information to the Federal Agency. In the future, as Orwellian as it may seem, Televisions may be constructed with a voice and/or picture recording device (so you can webcam on your tv) - however, those cameras would also be able to be activated through a digital signal - thus monitoring conversations of every household in America.

5. Intersection Cameras - National Surveillance is already underway. I challenge my readers to go to any Colorado intersection and NOT see a camera. I am not just talking about the Red Light Ticket Cams - I am talking about "traffic cameras" used for general surveillance of motorists. Every minute of every day these cameras are active - and it is not much of a jump to suppose that these cameras can be networked or operated by a federal/national agency. Add to those cameras the ATM cameras across the nation, and other cameras hardwired to the net, and tie in facial recognition technology (I got scanned at the Denver Airport two weeks ago by a facial recognition booth on my way to security) and the government can track you anywhere at any time.

6. FEMA camps - As a part of REX 84 (Readiness Exercise 1984), in which the Federal Government has planned for the mass arrest and detention of US citizens in the case of civil unrest, the FEMA camps are those mass detention centers. This Link provides a list of the FEMA camp locations - including the refurbished Trinidad Camp in Colorado where German and Italian Americans were detained during WWII and the Canon City Japanese internment camp. Don't forget about the corresponding FEMA Coffins - now this may be conspiracy theorist garbage, but I have to question the existence of millions of coffin liners popping up near the FEMA camps.

7. Active Deployment of Combat Troops - The deployment of combat troops for the purpose of putting down civil unrest within the United States is the last reality of the Authoritarian Society in which we now find ourselves.

Call me crazy, or a Conspiracy Theorist, or call me a realist and a patriot for questioning the actions taken by the Federal Government. As we move further toward a nationalized marketplace and a Federal Authoritarian government, I am left contemplating the words of the late Benjamin Franklin: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both"

What ARE the intentions of the US government?

I don't want to have the children of tomorrow's generation look back on this time and ask "Why didn't anybody do anything?"


  1. This is a good post.

    It surprises me that you observe all these terrible trends in government and still campaign to keep Bush's party in power.

  2. So tell me, Steven: which of these affronts to traditional American liberties have Bush and the GOP opposed?

    What jessitron said.

  3. I am no fan of Bush, or his Socialist policies - I guess you would call them NeoCon policies... though there is nothing conservative about them!

    Jessi - I am working at a local level to reform the party towards the Libertarian ideals that founded this nation - a move away from the authoritarian, and into a conservative libertarian ideal. At the national level I support the "lesser of the two evils" when it comes to the militaristic socialization of America - unfortunately both parties are in bed with this trend. Clinton, Bush, Obama, McCain - all of the same ilk. I have to support the individual who I think is LESS LIKELY to damage our liberties.

    Jonesie - Bush, the RNC, and the DNC are all guilty of crimes against the Constitution. Thank GOD the House had sense enough to vote down the bail-out plan... there is some hope out there! And it is free-thinkers like you and me who can make change happen - but who are most likely to end up on a "list" if the Conspiracy Theory is true! :(

  4. I'm guessin' it's ohnly a matter of time fir you, Steven, before we see an entire re-workin' of your blog, 'n subsequently, the Rocky Mountain Alliance givin' ye th' old heave-ho. See, they wohn't tolerate no deviashun from orthodoxy. Att's wut I'm guessin', anyhow.

  5. Jonesie -

    The RMA found me, even with my tirades against the conventional "wisdom" of the neocon types of Bush. As independent as I am, I believe that I give an interesting perspective that makes the RMA more well rounded - incorporating a different "certain something" in their discusions.

    Some of my best received pieces are those when I break loose and truly speak from the heart - this post is one example - another great one is my post regarding the first bail-out.

    I think the RMA needs this voice.

  6. I agree. The RMA 'n th' rest-a th' neocon establishment need t' start lissenin' t' traditional conservative voices like Buchanan, 'n stop gravitatin' t' th' left. 'N everone who calls hissef a "conservative" needs t' start readin' sources like Chronicles 'n The American Conservative, th' true inheritors of th' old National Review.

    Give 'em heck, Steve!