Wednesday, September 3, 2008

“A Man Who Never Quits is Never Defeated”

Fred Thompson stole the show last night at the Republican National Convention. His energized and moving toast to John McCain and Sarah Palin at the top of the ticket inspired Republicans and set the tone for how tough this ticket is going to be for Democrats in November.

He hit Obama and the Democratic controlled congress hard – claiming that their politics do not represent change, rather, they represent the same old stuff they have been peddling for years. Fred Thompson threw down the gauntlet on the liberal notion of change, and on the liberal definition of progress. The change is that the Democrats plan to run the most liberal government, establish the most liberal bureaucracies, and ensure the most liberal judges in the history of the US – the sure undoing of the intended freedoms established by our founding fathers.

But the best line of the entire speech was this: “A man who never quits is never defeated”. John McCain is that man. He has spent an entire career fighting the Republican Establishment – challenging change in his own right. Some of his issues are not my favorites (immigration reform and campaign finance reform), but his pursuit of what he believed to be right has won him notice on the national stage, and branded him as the original maverick. John McCain and Sarah Palin represent reform for the GOP, and a different kind of hope for America – a hope that we can return to conservative government that is smaller and more locally controlled, a government that balances it’s budget and controls wasted spending, and a government that eliminates taxes and allows Americans to keep their hard earned money. Fred Thompson made it clear that McCain/Palin is the best bet for America. The full video of his speech is below:

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  1. As a former Thompson, then Huckabee supporter, I have always been frowned upon whenever I mention that I greatly respect Fred. As a young conservative, Sen. Thompson has greatly influenced my opinions on issues like State's Rights and Federalism. (Or Frederalism)

    I'm glad that someone else in the unofficial "Huckasphere" is shedding some good light on Thompson. One thing is for certain, If he had spoken like this last year, then we would have a different candidate as our nominee.