Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bold and the Beautiful… and the Pitbull!

Consider Sarah Palin officially introduced to the nation! Now the voters of America know what I have been trying to explain for nearly a year – Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party, and the Democrats’ worst nightmare!

Her speech last night was feminine, but firm; showing that a Hockey Mom from small town America truly does have what it takes to lead this nation. For all the slander and slime that the liberal left has attempted to throw her way over the last five days, Sarah Palin delivered a bold “Shame On You!” with her cheeky yet inspiring address at the RNC.

"I think Sarah Palin can do a one-two punch better than Muhammad Ali," Kansas state Sen. Karin Brownlee said after the speech. "And I think she delivered it just square on the opponents' face. I think she has energized the Republican Party like we haven't seen in a long time."

Where the GOP was left with cracks and concerns after a John McCain nomination – a general level of unease in selecting a centrist maverick who openly toyed with the thought of appointing an Independent Democrat to share the ticket – Sarah Palin has repaired those cracks. Sarah Palin stood with the grace of royalty and celebrity, but delivered a speech with the strength of a no-holds-barred hitman ready to take on the media and the left. Sarah Palin has successfully united the GOP – and now she is reaching out to independents and inviting them back into the large tent of the Republican Party.

And for all the inspiration and energy she brings to the Republican Ticket, she is instilling the same amount of fear in the hearts of the Democrats. Left wingers in the blogosphere are attacking her speech now for lack of substance and mean-spiritedness, not realizing that it was a shot across the bow of the national press and DC insiders – warning them to back off of her and her family. Her strength and poise are inspiring to the GOP, and drawing attacks from the left. The GOP has a shiny beacon on the hill, and her name is Sarah Palin. She has the power to ensure that the change in America is a conservative one, and that we get back to being Americans – not Socialist European wannabees.

The left have got their hands full now! The Republicans are ready to fight, ready to reform, and ready to lead!


  1. You thought it was feminine?
    IMO the attacks she made mean she's fair game for attacks too. Not her family, but her own positions. Like all the pork she garnered for Wasilla while mayor. Like opposing real sex-ed programs. Like the way she drastically increased Wasilla's budget while she was mayor. Tossing out taxes on gas? That says "let's promote wasteful overuse of energy resources."

    Question for you:
    What "change" is John McCain going to bring about in Washington?
    I'm confused about that.

  2. Jessi - There is a pendulum that swings in American politics. For the longest time it has been swinging to the left. Don't believe me? Try making an argument that ANYTHING Bush has done has been Conservative! Clinton (of the Bill variety) was actually more of a political conservative in the way he ran the White House than Bush. In fact, if JFK were running his politics in today's realm, he would be seen as a far right lunatic!

    The change that McCain brings is that of maverick - the willingness to not just shake up DC, but the GOP as well. He is a reformer and an outcast, which is why the GOP feared his nomination. Palin on the ticket has ensured that the party is now under "Reform" control. This is a great move, considering that politicians are more concerned with interns and bathroom stall sex acts than any actual change in our nation. This is true on both sides of the aisle.

    Where Obama plans to use the pulpit to change the role of government (in favor of more regulation and federal control of industry across the board - from healthcare to energy), McCain and Palin plan to use the pulpit to change what it means to be an elected official. They plan to change how the Senate and Congress use their posts to play the fiddle for lobbyists by adding millions in earmarks to simple bills. They plan to end corruption, and to take a vocal stand against elected officials mired in corruption.

    We have been hoping for a change in washington politics - McCain and Palin represent that change.

    The change Obama is talking about is not a change from corruption, or a change from the status-quo in daily operations in DC. It is a change in the role of government in our lives.

    The change McCain/Palin is talking about is the change that we really need to see - a mini-revolution, if you will, to run the fat-cats out of town.

    I agree... Palin and her policies are fair game. Relieving taxes on fuel is not a promotion of waste, rather a promotion of relief for families at the pump. Sex-education needs to be abstananced based, but include information about safety - and needs to be reinforced at the home (of course we know that kids will do what they do - parents can only hope they set the best example possible, and that they will make the right choices).

    Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Things Bush has done that are conservative:
    - Big tax cuts on dividends (DEFINITELY conservative)
    - War in Iraq (OK, that's neoconservative)
    - Supreme Court appointees

    Do you think McCain is more conservative than Bush? What positions does he _currently_ espouse that are maverick? He's been against his party on immigration reform, but so has Bush. (the one thing Bush has tried to do right, imo.) McCain now spouts the party line on immigration.
    McCain did some campaign finance reform. That was okay.
    He once opposed the Bush tax cuts, but now is in favor.
    He was against Guantanamo and torture (great), but now thinks inmates should be held without charges or recourse.
    I liked McCain before he started his Presidential campaign. I think he has sold out.

    Millions in earmarks aren't going to make a dent in the deficit. Try billions and trillions on foreign wars -- McCain will keep us in Iraq, let Afghanistan go to pot, and quite possibly get us into direct conflict with Russia in Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine.

    Specifically, what in the law or the enforcement of the law are they going to change?