Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin/Clinton on SNL - Parody Politics & "Experience"

I can picture it now - it is similar to the Oscar's...

The award for Woman in a Leading Role... The nominees are:

Hillary Clinton - in "No Country for Old Man" - The tale of the 2008 campaign that wasn't

Sarah Palin - in "Into the Wild" - The tale of one woman's political enlightenment in the Alaskan Wild

And the Oval Office goes to: (drum roll) SARAH PALIN, for her wonderful role as a small town woman who found herself in the Alaskan Frontier, and brought those values and life lessons to the lower 48 states!

This image popped into my head as I watched the SNL skit featuring Tina Fey as the stereotyped Sarah Palin - a know-nothing Conservative gun-toter from nowhere Alaska, and Amy Poehler as stereotyped Hillary Clinton - a nut-cracking, power hungry pants-suit.

Though I think they did a hack job on Palin, over playing her stereotype - I am pretty confident that they nailed Hillary's reaction spot on... I am sure there was more pulling out her hair than ripping apart the podium, however.

Regardless, as the world continues to get to know Sarah Palin, including Obama's army of lawyers and investigators rummaging through Alaska's landfills looking for ANY dirt on Palin, they are beginning to see a very capable conservative. And it is Palin's conservative views, shared by most Americans, that the Liberal Media, like SNL, don't seem to understand - perhaps because they actually think that New York thinking and living (such as Sex and the City) is the rule, rather than the exception in America. Let me tell you Lib-Media types something... you are wrong - a thousand times over.

Sarah Palin is every woman. She is my mother, my grandmother, my sister, and my friend. Not only does she appeal to the every-woman, but she appeals to me... the conservative guy. She is a reformer, an executive, and the future of the GOP - youth and women are now given a new face within the Republican Party with which they can relate.

The attacks on her experience? Even if she had been Governor for 20 years in Alaska, the answer would be that Alaska is a state of only 600,000 people, less than the population of the city of San Francisco and just over the population of Oklahoma City. Governor of such a small amount of people must not be in touch with the complexities of the real world.

Palin has 8 years of Executive Experience - 6 years as Mayor of Wasilla, the 4th largest town of Alaska, behind Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau; and two years as the Governor and Commander In Chief of the State of Alaska.

Palin has 4 years Legislative Experience - serving on the Wasilla City Council.

Palin has 2 years Judicial Experience - serving as Chairman of the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. This role also gives her almost expert insight into energy independence issues.

That is 14 years of tested leadership of notable measures.

If the Democrats are going to go to war against small town USA, supposing that work in small or sparsely populated states or regions doesn't count as "real experience" - hinting that small town citizens are somehow inferior to their North Eastern metropolis cousins... That is a battle I firmly welcome. Small town USA will win every time!


  1. As an America conservative man, does it not bother you that Sara Palin has a 4 month old baby that is left on the back burner. Has every one forgotten him.
    I was a MCCain girl until she appeared. It's very sad.
    I ask you to look beyond her "cuteness" and see who she really is. It's not good. I own my own business and I spent the first few years of my children's life putting my career on the back burner, not the kids.
    She is not fit to represent me.
    Sara Palin is NOT every woman. Please give some of us the respect that we deserve.
    I am sure you mother did not ignore you.
    x-mccain girl

  2. Anonymous X McCain Girl -

    Actually, my mother, a twice divorced alcoholic drug-using mother of three spent much of her time jumping from job to job or leaving us alone to look after ourselves so she could go out to the bars in search of men. I love her just the same, but to assume that all conservatives have cookie cutting beginnings is ignorant liberal filth!

    To imply that because Palin has a newborn, that she HAS to stay at home with him and is therefore unable to do anything else but stay in the kitchen is also ignorant liberal filth (which is contrary to liberal philosophy of women being empowerd to "have it all")

    The Palin family works as a team, with Todd and Sarah sharing responsibility of child rearing. What don't you get about that? Bringing up a family is a family responsibility - not a mother's... A mother can do whatever she puts her mind to, especially with the support of her family!

    Palin is NOT putting Trig on the back burner. She is putting her life on the front, and that includes her family! She is the epitomy of the feminist movement - successful in work and family life... but the fact that she is conservative eats at the heart of the LIBERAL feminist movement - which indicates that women must BECOME men to succeed...

    If you knew anything about me, my blog, or my support for Palin, you would see that I was not a fan of hers because of her "cuteness".

    Get a life, lefty troll. Stop spamming my blog!