Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biden: Our Platform is to Redistribute Wealth

Biden has finally admitted what we have known for so long - the goal of the Obama/Biden Democratic party is to force the final bits of socialization of the Untied States.

Call me a fear monger? Or am I just telling the truth?

Biden told ABC's "Good Morning America" that the wealthy must pay more taxes to show their patriotism.
"it’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut."
What Biden seems to be forgetting to tell people is that an increased tax at the higher level, coupled with a near elimination of taxes at the lower level is nothing more than redistribution of wealth. It is a punishment of those who work hard and accomplish more. It is a punishment on intellect, innovation, and accomplishment.

And what Biden fails to recognize is that Free distribution of wealth, through charity work and charity giving, is the True American Way!

Now, I would not expect Biden to recognize charitable giving, considering that his $300,000 income only afforded him $350 worth of bread crumbs to toss to the poor.

The socialization of America is nearly complete:
  • The US government is continuing to "bail-out" mega-companies with Taxpayer dollars, seating the US government as the CEO of each company. They are months away from a complete take-over of the entire business market. Do you think the Taxpayers have a say? No - we are merely the working pawns, generating worth (not wealth) for the continuation of the government.
  • The US has taken education out of the hands of the states, and federalized a state institution with "No Child" legislation. Obama and Biden promise to go further, eliminating state control to ensure equal schooling (for better or worse) throughout the United States, run entirely by a central Dept. of Education. Any hope for school choice? No - we cannot be trusted to educate our own children, or choose who we want educating them on our behalf.
  • The Dept of Treasury has long since been usurped by the Federal Reserve, but in light of the current economic crisis it is important to point out the failure of the Federal Reserve. The Fed has no consideration for actual wealth - only perceived wealth. It is an institution that has devalued the American Dollar to the point that the money is worth less than the paper it is printed on. A perfect example is in the AIG bail-out. The answer from the Fed was to flood the market with newly printed dollars - driving the value of the dollar down. This gives the perception of wealth... however, when a $0.69 loaf of bread costs $5.00, and you find yourself in a breadline, you can thank the Socialist Reserve - um - the Federal Reserve.

The list goes on.

With Obama/Biden at the helm, the transformation from a Republican form of Government (article IV, section 4 - US Constitution) into a Socialist form of Government will be complete. They have shown the intent of their "change" to be the transformation of a free society to a society of proletarians - a working class whose only purpose is to provide worth for the government to continue survival.

Understand that the Socialist philosophy indicates that the source of wealth is labor. The more we work, as a collective society, the better off our society will be in the end. This is precisely the case for the symbolism of the socialist parties: Hammer, sycle, and gear. Symbols of labor. Dumb, hard, labor. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

In contrast, the Capitalist philosophy indicates that the source of wealth is innovation. The free market's freedom to succeed and fail based on leadership, new ideas, and creativity in the market causes fluctuation, but is based on the success of new technology.

If there was ever more of a reason to NOT vote for Obama, it would be that he supports the path that Bush has put the nation on - one of an authoritarian Socialized society. John McCain and Sarah Palin are the true anti-Bush on society, and have pledged to revisit the rules and regulations that are as outdated as an Atari. The real shake-up comes from a candidate with new ideas - not the instillation of old Marxist ideas.

Don't give Obama/Biden the free pass on their ideals. They are in favor of the further socialization of this once great nation... Don't support the "Che 2008"!


  1. My favorite talking point for this is,
    According to National Journal,
    Barack Obama is the #1 liberal in the senate.
    Joe Biden is #3,
    And #4 is Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is at least honest enough to describe himself as as an "Independent Socialist".

  2. Absolutely! Perhaps we need to start a "Left of Bernie Sanders (S)" campaign...

  3. that's one magazine's opinion.

    At least Obama showed up to vote. McCain can't be ranked because he wasn't there more than half the time.

  4. Showed up to vote "Present" more than 130 times... and when he did vote, it was in favor of killing children born alive when the intent of the mother was to kill the child...

    I guess he only really voted when it was important. :/

  5. Steven:

    Obama's socialism and so-called "conservatism's" state capitalism are merely mirror images of one another.

    Check out-iss-here article, and the cartoon-att appeared in 1911, whin your stripe of "conservatism" was jus' rampin' up:

    Wake up, Son of the South.

  6. Sounds like Huey Long.

    ~ The Republic'er

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