Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain/Palin: It's Official - GOP Runs Reform Ticket

John McCain made it official tonight - he has accepted the call to duty as the candidate for the Republican Party!

But he did not do it quietly. John McCain issued a warning to all politicians and lobbyists - "A Change Is Coming". That change is in the form of a new deal, a break from Partisan Politics and a break from corruption and business as usual in Washington DC. John McCain promises to lead the nation in a much needed reform of her leaders and their corruption.

How better can John McCain, Republican Candidate for the Presidency, show the citizens of this country that his promise of actual change - of actual reform in DC - is true? Sarah Palin.

John McCain and Sarah Palin represent the most frightening duo to the status quo in the District of Columbia, quoting John McCain:

"I’m not in the habit of breaking promises to my country and neither is Governor Palin. And when we tell you we’re going to change Washington, and stop leaving our country’s problems for some unluckier generation to fix, you can count on it. And we’ve got a record of doing just that, and the strength, experience, judgment and backbone to keep our word to you.”
For years I have held a disdain for Senator John McCain - for his often liberal legislation that struck at the very core of what I believed. And I will make the admission now that this ill feeling was partisan in nature... McCain broke ranks with the Republicans on one too many issues.

However, with the selection of Sarah Palin and the message delivered tonight, I believe that I can truly support the mission that John McCain is taking on - a mission of reform.

The GOP needs reform from her ranks swollen with corruption.

The Democrats need reform from their corrupt dealings within the once highly respected offices in the federal government.

Washington DC needs reform from it's Pork Barrell ways, aimed at encouraging lobbyists and providing a breeding ground for scandal and corruption.

And the federal government needs reform from a set of rules and regulations put in place in a time when business and the world worked much differently under very different technologies.

John McCain is taking the mantra from Obama - and promises to deliver true Change.

Obama's change is that of increasing government influence in our daily lives - changing from a libertarian based society to a socialist based society.

McCain's change is that of fixing the ills in the government, reducing it's size, and ensuring that the citizens are released from the authoritarian society we fear, and are allowed to live locally under more personal responsibility - the way this country was intended in it's founding.

Sarah Palin was the ticket for me. John McCain has won my endorsement and my vote!


  1. "ensuring that the citizens are released from the authoritarian society we fear"
    -- I wish! The SWAT teams raiding houses where people were planning peaceful protests of the RNC, with automatic weapons drawn and questionable warrants, handcuffing everyone and seizing computers and equipment and then arresting one person maybe on very minor charges... these don't give me confidence that any Republican will make our state less authoritarian than it has become.

  2. I'll believe it whin I see it, Steve. But I believe I wohn't see it. Warshuntun DC wohn't be reformed. An-att's why it has to die, per us secesh types:

    Snaggle-Tooth Jones, the Colorado COnfederatarian

  3. Jessi - Don't be ridiculous. The police and SWAT team were working under orders from the St. Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman - a Democrat. These were the tactics of officers, citizens of the city, who have the job of ensuring the peace. If the Democratic Mayor orders raids, I fail to see how it is the fault of a national Republican party.

    This is what I don't get about the left, or even the center left.

    Democrats, anti-war protesters, and anarchists plan unlicensed and violent protests, amounting to mild-terror (the definition of terror being violence with intent to cause political change) - and somehow it is ALWAYS the fault of the Republicans.

    There is hate in your heart... instead of hating, let's try working together to see the best opportunity for reform in our government in our lifetime... not sit back and ensure broader government intervention in our life!

    Short of a revolution against corruption, a reform ticket is our best option (that goes for you too, Jonesie!)

  4. The FBI was involved in those raids.

    But you're right -- they're not the fault of one party. The Democrats are complicit in W's authoritarian tactics.

    Hate in my heart! You'd have to meet me to know how funny that is.

  5. "Short of a revolution against corruption, a reform ticket is our best option (that goes for you too, Jonesie!)"

    Reform is gu when it kin happen - like in Alaska. Thar are some places in cain't happen - like Warshuntun DC. That realization dohn't necessarily commit us to revolution in th' 1776/1861 sense-a that term. But it do put us ohn the path to a commitment to "localism, secession and confederalism", as the League of the South puts it. Localism first, then secession and confederalism whin-att ol' imperial Leviathan at Rome ohn the Potomac finally gives up th' ghost.

    And one day it will. That's it's ohnly fate, because it is impervious to reform.

    Snaggle-Tooth Jones, the Colorado Confederatarian

  6. "Hate in my heart! You'd have to meet me to know how funny that is."

    Jessi - I am sure that you are a fun loving person - and by your blogs, you have a happy and healthy family. Truly blessed in many ways.

    However, the comment was intended to make you think about the "blame game" - that it is all the fault of the GOP. I am glad that you amended your point to indicate that it is not a partisan issue - though you still blame W.

    Trust me, there are people on both sides of the aisle pushing for an authoritarian America...

    On the right it is a "Country First" nationalist movement that supercedes states or personal rights.

    On the left it is a fascist movement aimed at controlling education, press, and audio media - by way of the equal airtime nightmare.

    These two forces pulling for power are actually tearing the country apart. I believe Washington stated in his farewell address that he forsees the future of the US political system sucumbing to parties, and that this was a dangerous path - as party loyalty would overshadow loyalty to the country. We are there now.

    And these two forces are ultimately working towards a government aimed at completely crushing the opposition party - and in the crossfire are the once free citizens of this nation.

    So when a candidate is a true reformer, like Palin, I get excited. Even if they are mostly aimed at smaller government and a less centralized and corrupt government, I have to support them and trust that they will move America away from the authoritarian state that it has become and is continuing to become!

    Sorry if I offended in my previous comment.