Monday, November 30, 2009

EU Times - Obama Orders 1 Million Troops in Prep for US Civil War

H/T to Opus#6 for linking this story:

Is the United State's President preparing for a civil uprising? According to the EUTimes' report posted November 28th, Russian Officials seem to be reporting an expected 'homeland troop build-up' of one million US deployed active military. The report indicates that Obama is expecting absolute civil unrest before the Spring.
Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin that US President Barack Obama has issued orders to his Northern Command’s (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to “begin immediately” increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.

I have previously posted opinions on Russia's expected US break-up here, have speculated on the Federal Government's plan and preparation to wage a civil war against the people here, and the destructive nature such a war would have on the citizens of the US here.

What many people fail to realize is that a comparison to the US Civil War for a situation such as the one in which we are finding ourselves is flat ignorance. The US Civil War of the mid 19th century was no Civil War. A Civil War is one in which there is a struggle for control of the government and the rule of a country. During what should be referred to as the War for Southern Independence there was no attempt to overthrow the US government, rather to be left alone and live under a form of government differing from that of the north. What we are faced with, instead, is a potential for mass rebellion by the people, not by a region of states.

The likelihood of full scale rebellion in the US is low, lacking organized resistance or leadership. The triggers, as suggested in the report are the bankrupting of the US economy and the destruction of the US dollar - both of which are happening before our eyes without organized resistance. Barring some large scale government invasion of the private sector, such as would be needed for gun confiscation, it is more likely that the subjects of the US will wait out the problems until 2010 elections, or press their state governments for nullification of any unconstitutional law.

Full scale rebellion, though, unlikely...


  1. The part that intrigued me about this story is how accurate is the information. Did Obama order these troop movements? Do the Russians have informers that highly placed within the Obama administration? Are the Russians so keen to advertise that fact? Or are the Russians/ E.U. putting this out as misinformation? Do they want to increase the likelihood of a U.S. political meltdown so that they can come in and "pick up the pieces" as they are wont to dream? Does Obama REALLY think that the U.S. military would move against Americans? Does he not read the Oathkeepers' website?

    This news story raises a lot of questions. Makes me curious.

    Thanks for the link.

  2. I agree with Opus #6. I'd like to get more information on this. I don't believe there's cause for worry until there's cause for worry.

    Assuming the worst case scenario, however, I agree with Steven. I don't think we'd see "full scale rebellion", at least at first. Organization takes time. So will the almost certain rift in the military and polices forces in this country, after which the battle lines will become more clearly drawn. (It's not just the citizenry's guns that an American tyrant has to worry about, but the guns - and other weapons - of of solidiers and cops who will most assuredly join millions of American patriots in resistance.)

    I'd even speculate that we wouldn't even need a "full scale rebellion" to put down any attempt of POTUS to establish a fascist government here. There are many more of us then there are of them, we have a huge land mass to aid us, and we could accordingly stymie their efforts very easily. So try be of good cheer - unless I'm wrong, of course. ;)

    This topic here is naturally being discussed at other discussion boards and blogs. At one site yesteday, a commentator remarked that if the American military Leviathan, weakened by decades of imperial overstretch, can't put down an insurgency in Iraq, how in the world is it going to deal with millions of armed patriots in its own country?

  3. Steven, where did you find this story? Do you know of any other blogs, etc. that are reporting on this? If the story actually has "legs" and it "goes viral", well. . . .

  4. What STJ said.

    I've linked to your post on my site, today.

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  6. Well, now I see that the "EU Times" has a slant toward certain white supremacist sites, like Stormfront. Not good.

    The EU Times story actually cites an outfit called "American Resistance Radio" as its source. It's possible that the story originated there. Color me skeptical.

  7. I tried to find additional sources and was coming up lacking, but decided to run the article to disprove the full scale rebellion aspect hinted at in the story. There does seem to be a large amount of such talk, but as I pointed out there is no organization.

    I couldn't determine the legitimacy of the EUTimes source, as I am not familiar with the publication, but I appreciate Jones' research on that behalf.

    The topic is interesting, and I don't doubt that other countries, namely Russia and China, have well planned strategies in the case of such an event (that being the dissolution of the US). The problem with the US is that if we dissolve as a union and are invaded by Russia or China, it is likely that the Union is strengthened in support for free states... now, political influence and soft foreign alliances could be expected between state governments and foreign "protectors" should US National friction arise like in the 1860's...

    Like Jones, I was skeptical... I'm not sure that the story has much merit - but the topic is surely timely!

  8. There is a small percentage chance that some of the info is correct. We would be wise to keep abreast of US troop movements. Many of us know servicemen and women and a large scale troop movement back to the US would be an interesting development. It doesn't hurt to keep eyes and ears open.

    Remember. The Somali Pirates "Seal Buddy" story originated on a small obscure blog written by a former navy seal with connections in the military. He got the straight scoop when the Obama admin was trying to take credit for everything. That story was TRUE.

    Whether there is a sliver of truth in this "Russian intelligence" story, time will tell. I hope it is completely inaccurate. For our sake.

  9. The origins of this story nothwithstanding, one thing's for sure: if we ever do suffer a complete finanicial meltdown, the people WILL rise up in anger, and Leviathan WILL attempt to maintain its rule. And it will be ugly.

  10. I live in Brasil and I'm alredy knowing of this problem at least for two months. We hope you peaple do not give alway you freedon and fight back this lying governament.Unhappyly the corruption exists now in every contry in the face of the earth. Be carefull because only in the internet we have now in Brasil a lot of information about Obama's intention.Be the example for the world and fight for freedom. Sorry for my poor english

  11. I think I should inform you that the EU times are not an official newspaper but rather a satire newspaper similar to the onion.

  12. Sometime ago, there was info floating around that someone in the "O" administration advised the President that the people are angry and there could be an uprising. The Tea Parties are extremely careful and peaceful. They want to be heard by their representatives. Someone(s) could be delibertly implanted at the parties to deliberately cause problems to instigate discord in order to negatively affect the November election. But it's difficult to believe that the majority of the military personnel would turn on their country men and women. I am a concerned citizen. E.R.