Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Prayer, Meditation, and the Power of Positive Thought

Over the past years I have been in search of universal religious truths. I have looked at ancient faiths, ancient rituals, and ancient myths and compared them to those of modern religions, even comparing modern religions across the board in search of universal truths. I believe that these truths are the secret to human spirituality, and the tie that binds man to his fellow man. Despite the religious wars, the cursing and damnation of "other religions", and the general chaos of the multitude of organized religion, there is an astounding revelation: We are all the same.

There is one fundamental truth in particular that binds men together, across all religions and all time. Prayer works. Whether you call it prayer, meditation, or simply positive thought there is an energy associated with that action that is crucial to our great awareness of the truth.

A thought is biologically a collection of electrochemical neuron firings, actual measurable energy. All objects that exist are composed of energy. At the atomic and subatomic level all things that exist are protons, neutrons, and electrons buzzing around reacting with one another. Just as we do not actually "touch" the chair in which we are sitting (we float above it repelled by the resistance between the EM forces of us and it), our thoughts and prayers need only exist to create a potential for force on an outside object. The power of thought and prayer can move mountains - it is the understanding of HOW that mountain is going to be moved that is the trick.

An object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force - Newton's first law. If thought is a measurable energy, it has the potential to provide the force required to move the object. Am I talking about levitating mountains with our mind? Not exactly - but in an infinite universe, that which can be imagined can be realized.

The existence of a positive thought, a prayer, or a positive meditation has the potential to be the force required to set the reality of the thought into motion. The science of the self, the science of the soul... it is the universal truth known to few in history, taught time and again only to have it lost in translation. The realization of the human potential is the reason why we are here and to understand the potential we posses in our simple ability to focus thought, prayer, or meditation is key to that realization.

Consider this truth when you gather with your families this coming weekend. The focus of positive energy can change lives... it can move mountains. Meditate on the positive, spread the message of joy and love amongst your family members. Consider that your positive energy and positive work is being used to put down the negatives we are faced with... be it our own hardships or national and world crises. The power of a smile, a laugh, or to love is a power that attracts the energy of the soul.

How can you change your life in a way to incorporate positive thought into all you do? How can you better your life by improving that of those around you?

Happy Thanksgiving, readers. Remember that when the ridiculous that has become our reality seems too much, check your bearings and ask yourself if you are focused on the negative and contributing to the collective negative energy, or if you are looking for the positive and contributing to the collective positive energy... it is the classic battle of good versus evil... the soul realizes potential with positive thought and is mired with the negative.

Bless you all as we move into the Holy Season... whatever your faith or disposition.


  1. Well done, sir. There is now evidence that positive and negative emotions actually affect the material world at the quantum foam level (think Ghost Busters 2) and that it responds to the spoken word, as well.

    Your post is also an excellent and timely reminder to focus on positive things - not only for contributing to positive energy, but also to keep one's self in a healthier frame of mind.

    Thank you.

  2. As always, it is my pleasure to share my thoughts on life - spiritual or otherwise!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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