Monday, November 16, 2009

Once upon a time there was a great people...

A very long time ago, in a land very different from that which we find ourselves in on this day, a group of shopkeepers, farmers, and tradesmen signed with conviction a valiant decree of liberty to a tyrant king. This act of defiance began a war, and a way of life. The act was so noble that future laws of the land required no titles of nobility to be accepted by those of the land. These were a hearty people whose disdain for royalty liberated them from bondage.

This same people found themselves under attack some years later by another tyrant king. Kings of distant land followed by men who believed the kings to be living gods lusted for that which belonged to the youthful nation of curious men. After years of growth and many technological advances, this innovative people found themselves rising as the leader of the fight for universal freedom, freedom against the inherent tyranny of political dynasties, royal families, and most of all tyranny.

These are a people who blew the trumpet of liberty in the faces of tyranny, time and again establishing the independence and uniqueness of this great land. This is a people who, by example, inspired generations to long for personal freedom.

However, this land became over-run with greed, corruption, blood lust, and panic. The years of manifest destiny have long since left these once noble people, and the price for their greed is simply the return to bondage... what is most notable about this new found slavery is that the people of this land welcomed it with thunderous applause and warm celebrations. The people found themselves under attack, under tyrannical control from within, and where once great leaders and men of poise stood straight before the kings of other lands, they found themselves submitting to foreign leaders through the submission of their newly elected leaders.

The people of the land felt an unfamiliar chill on their neck... the chill of the storm clouds bringing a long and cold winter. It is left but to the few to remember the great cause, remember the wishes of the men who defied the kings, and one day restore the people their liberty.

So it goes...


  1. The "few" are growing in number. Obama's radicalism has been revealed. I say there are about 20% of the population, on the far left, that actually WANTS his stuff. The rest are persuaded and persuadable to conservatism, or at least a moderation that does not include his radical ways.

    We must continue saying, going and doing, and welcoming the newcomers in our midst.

    Great cartoon too. Obama really does show great disrespect for America every time he bows.

  2. Opus - the few are growing, but it is questionable whether the swell of conservatism is going to do more than change party control in 2010 and 2012... until we are truly ready to change the GOP, the "few" are going to remain a "radical minority"... I'm radical in so much as our founders were radical... to think man deserved Liberty as a Divine Right... radical indeed!