Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama's Kangaroo Court

The Kangaroo Court hearing surrounding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a mockery of the US judicial system, is a mockery of our military tribunal process, and serves no purpose other than to further degrade the character of the United States. The credibility of another branch of the United States Government is being called into question.

Let us consider two topics - one regarding the justification for the claim of a Kangaroo Court, and the other regarding Obama's intent.

A kangaroo court hearing is one in which we simply go through the motions, but where no due process was actually followed, and the outcome is known in advance. What due process are we expecting the KSM trial in New York to follow? By bringing KSM into US Civil Courts Obama has to be prepared to release him onto the streets if he is found 'not guilty' or if there is a mistrial. What other problems may we run into classifying this as a Kangaroo Trial?

1. the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained - KSM was water boarded hundreds of times. Water boarding has been defined as torture. All evidence obtained as a result of water boarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques is inadmissible... if it is allowed, the Court is a Kangaroo. Consider the fact that KSM was never given his Miranda Rights - that ALONE is basis for a mistrial!

2. the right not to be tried on secret evidence - the attorneys for KSM could push for the declassification of thousands of documents, procedures, personnel, locations, etc that will pin the US government into a corner - anything they do not declassify cannot be used for trial in prosecuting KSM.

3. the right to exclude judges or jurors on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest - the very fact that the pool of jurors will be selected from citizens who live mere minutes away from Ground Zero in NYC is grounds for appeal and/or mistrial. To find an impartial NYC jury for a case regarding the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks - fat chance.

Any judge who follows the books to the letter would have to look at the case in one way - there is no possible way that KSM can receive a fair trial in the United States, let alone in New York City.

What will Obama say if a jury acquits him or hangs? What are we going to expect when the cameras and flash bulbs capture the moment when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed walks freely from the doors of the court house and into a waiting automobile, whisking him off to a destination unknown... free as OJ Simpson in 1995.

However - what if the US government refuses to release a man found innocent in the US courts? Obama and AG Holder are refusing to answer, but it appears as if an order has been given prior to the trial, that KSM will not be released... Are we to believe that the trial, then, serves no purpose? What good will come of such a trial?

Obama's motives are clear: destroy the credibility of the Justice System.

There is no faith in our economy. There is no faith in the Congress. There is no faith in the States. Soon there will be no faith in a functioning Justice system. To what end, Mr. Obama? Undoing 300 years of freedom and innovation for what?

When the courts fail, when the states fail, when the congress fails... what are we left with but a nation of slaves? Where has our liberty gone?

This trial is being paraded as Justice and proof that "America will do the right thing". It is nothing more than a Kangaroo Court aimed at damaging the credibility of the United States' Courts. This is a lose/lose situation for the US. Obama, and the US with him, is making a HUGE mistake.


  1. I'm afraid the mistake was made on 11/4/08. But you're right; this decision is a travesty, and no good can come of it.

  2. Rev -
    "I'm afraid the mistake was made on 11/4/08"

    (shaking my head in shame)

    How true your words are... and three more years is going to prove a strain on this federation... At what point are they going to declare the Constitution null and void and save us all the B.S. - we're on to them...