Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Onward to 2010

The local elections of 2009 are over, and as much as the GOP or the Dems are going to spin certain victories one way or the other, it was very certain that the races and the outcomes were largely driven by local politics... which is a powerful message in and of itself.

The message for 2010 is that candidates had better be prepared to think globally but act locally. Apply the concepts of universal liberty and you will find absolute success. If you find yourself bogged down with government mandates or dictating morality, you are the tyrant, not the liberator - and you will have a tough, tough race.

I have nothing overly significant to say about the election outcome. Two parties continue to struggle for the reigns of power with the intent to rule. Those elected represented local ideals, and it is my hope that they aid in changing the perception of "conservative rule" in favor of "conservative example". Other than that, continue to push your candidates for 2010 on Liberty and let's work for the better in 2010... a new congress can be realized!

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  1. I certainly do hope for gridlock in 2010 and beyond, but my focus will still be localism, confederalism and secession. I don't hold out any long-term hope for the GOP.

    BTW, I echo those who have chimed in about the new header. It's perfect, even if the Elephant Party is clueless. If libertarian republicans like you can help to transform the party, however, then more power to you. Ron Paul is still a Republican. May his tribe increase.