Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ask Any Cancer Specialist, Early Detection Saves Lives!

The Obama administration has openly admitted that the sudden change in breast cancer screening is part of Health Care Rationing.

Their justification - In women between 30 - 50 we have only detected 1 with cancer for every 1900 screened... therefore it is not cost effective with a government program to screen in this age group.

Let me be deadly clear here - They have just placed the dollar value on a human life... the life of you, your mother, your sister, or your daughter... and that THEY may be the one whose life is saved due to this early detection, it is of no consequence to the government... Really, what can a cancer survivor provide to the government, anyway?

We are watching as the relationship between We The People and the Government is completely redefined to the extent that the government is laying the ground work for life valuation... In doing so, the government is telling US that we are no longer of value - that our health and our very life is of certain value (or lack of value) to THEM.

Look - if early detection is the key to surviving cancer, and we have detected that the cancer of America is the federal government, where do we go for the chemo?

On a serious note, as a member of a family who lost a member to late detected breast cancer, another who survived uterine cancer, and lost another to thyroid cancer, I can tell you that we value our lives no less than any other - in fact, we are stronger and are living our lives as advocates for alternative medicine and alternative lifestyle - how to live in remission and stay healthy after cancer treatments. We reject the government rationing plan, or their valuation of human life... Early detection may help 1899 women sleep better knowing that they are cancer free - but for that one person, it may be the difference between life and death.

I choose life, even when the Obama administration prefers death.

Is THIS the trigger?




    There are voters on the right who will always vote on the right.

    There are voters on the left who will always vote on the left.

    There are fraudulant voters: Acorn registered "Mickey Mouse" voters. They will always vote on the left.

    There are criminal immigrants, voting illegally. They will always vote on the left.

    And there are independant voters who will for the foreseeable future, decide elections. Whether they voted for Obama or not, they wouldn't vote for Obama now.

    And lastly, there are the non-voters. Many non-voters came out and voted for "Hope and Change." They are not likely to vote again.

    The larger block of non-voters took a perhaps too cynical view that their vote did not matter. Right or Left...all the same. They know now, that it is not all the same.

    The turnout at the next election will be high in record numbers on both sides, I predict. The numbers will be high on one side due to fraud and illegal voters(or worse, amnesty.) The number on the other side will be due to patriotism.

  2. Why are you people so ignorant and blind to the truth? Cancer is a FRAUD perpetuated by the multi-billion dollar drug industry for profits! They don't care to cure because the cures for all cancer are available and have been available NOW!!! B-17 and apricot seeds plus almonds cures cancer, hemp oil or cannabis cures cancer, baking soda cures cancer it goes on and on. STOP believing all the lies and WAKE UP!!!

  3. See also watch the documentary, Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson story, See also Dr. Burzynski movie and Dr. Burzynski clinic,

  4. Find me as Jonathan Blake on Facebook. I EXPOSE the cancer lies and truths!