Tuesday, April 1, 2008

President Bush lets Cat out of the Bag about 2000?

Reports are starting to circulate that could put the entire political world on it's head.

A secretly recorded conversation between President George W. Bush and an as yet unidentified voice seems to imply that George Bush's campaign had knowledge of "a fix" in the 2000 elections.

Having listened to the audio on a Reuters feed, Bush's voice is very clear, and some of the claims he makes could possibly land him in the middle of an impeachment hearing.

Bush can clearly be heard whispering "I had no idea they were serious, but when the court ruling was announced I knew they really fixed it"

The release of this audio puts us into the midst of a constitutional crisis. George Bush (apparently) won in 2004 legitimately, so he is the President... but if he had knowledge of a rigged election, then he was not the legitimate leader of the US for the first term.

I am in shock right now trying to imagine what implications this could have, now in 2008.

I need to hear from someone who knows something about Constitutional Law on this one!

All I can say is WOW!

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