Tuesday, April 8, 2008

China just doesn't get it - "torches" freedom

The Olympic Torch has met resistance as it makes it's way across the globe ahead of the Beijing 2008 Summer Games. Wild protests have broken out across the Chinese border regions in India, Nepal and within Tibet which have been met with stiff resistance from the Chinese and other local authorities. As the torch moved into Europe, the clashes with torch carriers increased, often causing security measures which include blowing out the torch and busing the torch past protesters.

The people around the world are protesting Beijing's history of, and current practice of, human rights oppression as well as militarization, authoritarian communist control, threatening entities which desire freedom from oppression (such as Taiwan) and invading and occupying their neighbors (like Tibet).

After the torch left Paris, the brave and respectable French President (yes, I am paying homage to a French-man!) Zarkosy has said that his countrymen may refuse to attend the games due to the international outcry for justice in Tibet.

Meanwhile, Bush has stated that the US will participate... I believe his actual statement was something like: "Heh-heh... Being in the Olympics is hard... it's real hard... and what the Beijingese peoples are trying to do is hard...look people, China is just as much a part of America as you or me... We should support China, cause these little guys, well, they never did anything to hurt the US... heh-heh..."

As the torch makes it's one stop in the US, protests are expected to continue. China has made pleas with the US to suppress protesters in SF, and give the image of US's unity with the Chinese Government. I have heard that they have even offered to increase security for the torch's remaining route (see picture).

China's official response is thusly stated:
China quickly condemned the disruptions as "vile" and, in a departure from past reticence, state-run television and newspapers showed the protests and upset spectators.

"We express our strong condemnation of the deliberate disruption of the Olympic torch relay by 'Tibetan independence' separatist forces," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement posted at www.fmprc.gov.cn.

At a later briefing, she said Chinese and U.S. officials had been working together to ensure the visit of the torch to San Francisco on Wednesday would go "safely and smoothly".

"We also warn groups and elements attempting to disrupt and sabotage the torch relay that their goal -- of using the Olympics for their unspeakable ends and to blacken and put pressure on China -- is absolutely unattainable."

There you have it... Peaceful China's goal of suppression is the only outcome... freedom and independence of millions of people is "absolutely unattainable"... why even TRY to petition your government for a redress of grievances? You will only be met with the gun!

Sounds like the perfect country to host the games of unity and peace!


  1. I don't get why Bush won't call for a boycott of at least the opening ceremonies. His administration never cared much about the nuances of diplomacy the first seven years.

  2. Amen! So why the push in the 11th hour for making China feel so warm and cuddly...

    Oh... That's right... now we know who is footing the bill for the 'economic stimulus package'