Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democrats Debate - Government the Answer

I was watching the Democratic debates last night, and wanted to share a few comments today.

During the first hour, the theme of the debates was "Integrity" and "Electability". Obama made reference on a few occasions that these topics were distractions, and the real discussion in the campaigns should be "the issues".

The fact that Mr. Obama doesn't seem to think that integrity is an issue MAKES it an issue!

When a candidate for president lies about being fired at and having to run for cover, but then gives a statement that she mis-remembered... well, it has the same integrity of a president asking what the actual definition of "IS" is... There needs to be a new occurrence in US politics: If a politician lies, it should be our duty to reply, "That sir (or ma'am) is a lie!"

Imagine the flashbulbs going off as they try to fix the statement on the spot... I'll tell you what, holding our elected officials accountable to their words is a great way to truly find out who the characters of substance are, versus the trash we see today.

In fact, Obama's lies are worse than Clinton's... Clinton at least knows that she is a liar... Obama believes that he is actually telling the truth. And if you believe it, it must be true... Ask Kucinich about his UFOs.

For instance, Obama should come out and say, simply, that the speech he gave in SF was meant to be heard only by those in the city. He was simply trying to tell the city folks that he believes they are living a better life for deciding to live blissfully in dense urban areas... meanwhile, he believes that those who live a rural lifestyle are bitter and angry that our lives do not amount to that of the city-folk... and as such, we cling to the bare-bone, knuckle-dragging basics of sentient beings: religion and guns. If he told the truth, THAT is what it would sound like.

Unfortunately, there is not an honest or moral bone between the two of them... IMHO.

The common theme in the second hour was that "government is not doing enough to make life better". Government is the answer. There is no way that the people can be trusted to improve their own lives... the government needs to step in and help.

I saw a great sign in front of a church last weekend, which read: God does not promise a smooth flight, just a soft landing.

That is wisdom! The trials and tribulations of day-to-day living ARE life! As people of high moral fiber, we should take the challenge of the storm and sail on, learning the lay of the land, and becoming wiser as we fail and try again.

But to be at a point where you can no longer stomach the fight, and you beg for mercy from government, you are no longer a citizen... you are a subject.

A citizen tells the government how it is going to be.

A subject is told by the government how it is.

To expect the government, an entity that is fastly becoming uncontrollable, to be the savior of the people is the suicide of liberty.

Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama both stated last night that the answer to the woes of the country is bigger government. Economic crisis - More government regulation and intervention. Fuel prices - more government regulation and intervention. Mortgage issues - more government regulation and intervention. Higher Taxes, more government social programs... rob from the rich to house, clothe, educate, feed, bathe, enrich the poor... Give to those in need from those who have the ability. The very basic principle of Socialism.

The summary of the debate: We cannot, as Conservative Americans, stand by and let one of these two Socialists step a foot inside the White House.

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