Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day: Muslim's Want World to "Go Green"... on Time

Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of "Mecca Time" to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth...

This is, of course, another attempt at Islamification of the World... one more feable attempt to rewrite history in order to legitimize their religion... or in this case, attempt to use fuzzy science to legitimize their point.

The report states that a scientist/geologist at the conference made claims that Mecca was in perfect alignment with the Magnetic North Pole, thus is the true center of the earth. As can be seen from the map, and is common knowledge to ANY educated individual: THE MAGNETIC POLES ARE NOT CONSTANT. The magnetic poles are always moving, and even change polarity every so often (on the order of tens - hundreds of thousands of years). The attempt to falsify science to advance your cause is the lowest of the low (Al Gore, take note here). Notice on the map that the Magnetic North Pole is actually in Canada, on the opposite side of the earth. To further debunk this wild claim, I can claim that any two single points are directly and perfectly in line... because they are two points... My conclusion: this guy is an idiot.

Look... I am not trying to beat up on Islam every day here. What I am doing is noticing a ridiculous trend of radical claims or radical actions that are further pushing Islamification on the world. In Britain, in Canada, in France... Islam is becoming a social changing force. There comes a point when the Xenophobic nature of humanity is going to have to say "enough is enough". Not to be coarse here, speaking strictly from an historical perspective, but if the Germans thought the Jews were bad, wait until they see Islam! I am not advocating a holocaust against Muslims, but an end to expansion of this very dangerous ideology.

I have seen NO evidence that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

I have seen NO evidence that Muslims just want to live in harmony with others.

I have only seen evidence that the intent of Islam is world domination, world control, and world rule under Sharia law.

Where do those values relate to freedom, peace, and liberty?

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils


  1. You see no evidence because you have not bothered to do any research on Islam or Muslims.

    If you only looked at radical Christians or radicals of any other faith you will very easily get a scewed picture of that faith. I would not pay much mind to anti-Islamic bigots, they are only promoting an agenda of hate, a more comprehensive look at Islam will give you a better picture.

    By the way, Germans persecution of the Jews had nothing to do with "the jews being bad" but rather with the Germans being conservatives.

    Since you mentioned looking at history you should take note that in all of history liberals have never been wrong and conservatives have never been right. Conservatism only bring needless wars and civil strife. On the other hand the cooperation fostered by liberalism's tolerance has not only been morally correct, but also has allowed for the best and brightest to come together to advance a common goal in spite of ethnic, religous, and lingual differences.

  2. "You have not bothered to do any research" - I am glad to see that you follow my studies so closely! Actually, I have done research on Islam. "Peace" in Islam is described as "all humans living under the rule of islam". "Peace" to every other religion / society means living side by side despite differences and working towards a goal of humanity. Islam states that they want "peace", but they want "peace under Islam".

    You're right... extremism skews perception... but when such a large portion of the group has these same views, doesn't it mean that the religion itself is extremist? For instance, all major conflicts in the world today, and all acts of genocide and humanitarian crisis are happening in areas with conflicts between Muslims and another religion or ideology. This is a peculiar situation!

    Your history of WWI persecution of the Jews is incorrect... It was not the conservative nature of the Germans (because they were very much NOT conservative, but socialist Liberals by today's definition)... it was their Nationalistic viewpoint... and that tied with the installment of a "master race" mentality.

    Your history blurb is shows your ineptitude when it comes to the grasp of history. To say that Conservatism is the source of all civil strife in history is about the most ignorant thing I have had anyone post on my blog. In fact, I doubt that you understand that the American definition of Conservatism and Liberalism is actually reversed in the eyes of the world. The American Conservatives are refferred to in the rest of the world as "Classic Liberals"... because the ideas of freedom and liberty (as opposed to governemnt rule) are ideas that were radically different from anything ever proposed. American Liberals of today want nothing more than to return to an era of citizen servitude and government rule... the only thing that leads to is eventual revolution or rebellion against tyranny... So it would seem that American Liberal ideals are the true cause of strife throughout history.

    Nice try though...

  3. Libretarians are classic liberals, not the modern movement conservatism.

    Every major humanitarian conflict and genocide in the world is caused by a conflict involving Muslims? That is a very naive thing to say. Especially since within living memory 'civilized' westerners were slaughtering each other by the tens of millions. It also demonstrates a very limited understanding of the world. Look at Uganda, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Kenya, Burma, the DRC, and Nepal and you will see just a few examples of conflicts that do not involve Muslims. Actually though most of the conflicts in which Muslims are involved have nothing to do with them being Muslims. In Iraq for example it was not Muslims who started the conflict there and in Palestine both Christians and Muslims are living side by side cooperating in the struggle against Israeli repression.

    Nationalism is a manifestation of conservatism and socialism is an economic policy, it had nothing to do with anything.

    I'm not sure where your "research" on Islam came from but if you have any first hand experience with Muslims you will see that they are no different from any other group. There are a few conservative extremists, but most of them are good people who want to live in peace.

  4. Silly rabbit - Libertarians ARE Conservatives.

    To say that Economic policy had nothing to do with the persecution of the Jews is idiotic! It was because Germany was in a depression, and the fact that the Jews were being blamed for the depression for "hoarding wealth"... The socialism WAS what caused the "Jewish Problem" in Germany.

    And Muslims in conflicts have EVERYTHING to do with their being Muslim. Sudan - Genocide of Christians and other sects of Islam based solely on religion. Iraq/Iran war - based solely on religion. Persecution of Kurds - based solely on religion. unrest in Malaysia and Indonesia due to religious conflict. Riots in France based solely on religion. War in Kashmir - based solely on religion. Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pacific Islands, India, Africa... on and on goes the list...

    Resisting extremism means taking action against it. The fact that Muslim pacifists are not directly inciting terror does not mean that they are not supporting it! If they disagree with the extremists, let them come out in numbers to condone... wont happen. Because deep in the heart of Islam, they are hoping for Muslim rule of the world... it is part of their apocalypse.

  5. I could show you why that is wrong. I could point out the mass demonstrations by Muslims in the Middle East against the Sept. 11 attacks. I could go into each conflict and explain it to you, but what's the point. In the end you are angry about 9/11, you love your country so much that you think other nations and peoples need to come to reality and emulate or submit to it, and you don't understand much past your doorstep. Ultimatly you are angry and proud, you want someone to hate and you want the world to emulate you. It doesn't matter what the facts are, you don't care much to learn them unless they support what you've already decided is true becasue you want it to be true.

    If you were born in the Muslim world you would be saying just the same things you are now, it would just be the west that needed to be brought to its knees, it would be the Christian who you hated and who you slandered, it would be Islam that needed to be imposed on every other people.
    This is a dangerous method of thinking, or more accuratly, lack of thinking and it has created so many disasters in human history. I can promise you that nothing good has ever come out of thinking like that. Please, learn about an issue before you take a position on it. Learn to think in terms other then slogans and soundbites. You might be surprised were this leads

  6. Do you read the crap that you write before you submit? You are pretty sure that you know everything about my thoughts and intentions... "blame 9/11, blame the Muslims..." Nonsense.

    Look... You are obviously very naive in the ways of the world. You provide simple solutions to complex problems in an attempt to "classify" those of us interested in discussing issues.

    Back to class for you, little one. I am not interested in your simple mind.