Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Search for Freedom

Today's post is a major hat-tip to Matt at Search For Freedom, now #1 in my blogroll...

Matt has two excellent videos posted on his site, and I am going to post them here because I think they are essential videos to our conservative foundation and to our political future.

The first is the 1964 Speech made by Reagan. It was supposed to be a pro-Goldwater speech, but it turned into something more. The great communicator, indeed! Had Huckabee used his orator skills to deliver such a moving and strong speech, we would be looking at Huckabee in 2008 instead of McCain.

However, since we have McCain, I am impressed by the next video, a McCain ad. I have been hesitant in endorsing John McCain, until I watched this ad. This ad sends a great message: He gets it! John McCain gets what we are doing for America, where we are at in world politics, and what we need to give conservatives in America a fighting chance at survival and longevity. I've already watched the video a few times... I'm impressed.

Thanks Matt. Two great videos! Two very important messages!


  1. Thanks a lot. It means a whole lot to have a like minded "full spectrum conservative" enjoy my blog. The Reagan video worked out pretty well, it almost makes me not want to post for a while. Anyway, The 1964 speech by Reagan is probably my favorite speech in American History. It truly is the standard and definition of modern conservatism. The McCain ad? It's just freakin' awesome!
    Thanks again.

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