Monday, April 14, 2008

The World has had Enough

Socialism took a major blow in 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed... The Iron Curtain came tumbling down, sparking freedom and liberty (and in some cases Civil War) across Eastern Europe.

Oddly enough, as the people of Eastern Europe were yearning for liberty, and fighting for freedom, the people of Western Europe were slipping into deeper destitution due to Socialism in their own countries.

We have seen Ireland turn itself around economically by adjusting it's tax infrastructure, lowering taxes from the 90th percentile, and letting the free market boom. Ireland has never been a more risk-free place to bring your business.

And slowly, Western Europe is starting to come around... save Spain, of course due to the terror attacks affecting their elections. France elected Sarkozy, a US friendly conservative who has already cut taxes in France, has been tough on crime, and is making sweeping policy changes that will make France a self sufficient country (as opposed to bathing in US dollars STILL being poured into that country as part of WWII relief!!!)

But the good news for worldwide conservative movements (conservative being "classic liberal" ideals of freedom and liberty, of course, not the definition of radical religious conservatism of oppression) is that countries that were thought lost forever to Socialism are starting to come around. Like France, Italy has begun cleansing their elected offices of Socialists, and have begun voting in conservative politicians.

In the face of Global Warming, Global War on Terror, and Global Markets, the people of the world are saying "Enough is Enough".

"Enough" about Al gore's world Socialist doctrines on Global Warming. The Earth naturally warms and cools... at a rate of roughly 0.4 Celsius a decade... the same rate that Gore is complaining about... and the same rate that has been recorded since the late 1800's. One day the earth will begin to cool... should we save all of our carbon emissions and try to pump them all out then and save us from Global Cooling? Instead of trying to stop the last straw that is going to break the camel's back, why don't we simply learn how to remove some of the straw already on the back of the camel? Why not ensure that we choose crops that can survive such heating trends? Why not focus on improving housing conditions with air conditioners? Why not plant more trees and have grassy parks, instead of a series of paved parking lots with scorching heat blacktops!

"Enough" about the war on terror. It is too ambiguous, and is little more than a tool used to give a tyrannical hand to the government. Are you trying to say that there should be a global war on anyone who is willing to overthrow their government, or petition their government, or how about even questioning their government's motives? If you want a war in which the government squashes rebellions of the people angry with the government itself... you have a Tyranny! Let's call the war what it ought to be called. A religious struggle between Islam and the Judeo-Christian values of the Western World. Then we will know who our enemy is. But an undefined global war on terror is nothing more than a never-ending war against whomever the government decides to label as a terrorist group... This is the tool that gives the world government absolute power over the subjects of the government... not citizens... subjects.

"Enough" about this global economy talk. Governments should be encouraged to bolster their own economies in an attempt to encourage competition on the world market, true... however, when economist after economist continues to spread the message that we should all be investing in China's economy, it makes me want to strangle someone! China is our worst enemy... the worst enemy of freedom. Their government has fought us in Vietnam, Korea, and committed themselves to hurting our economy through Sudan, Iran, and other means. They protect our enemies, and covertly spy on our military in hopes that they will soon be the world power. Why should we embolden their ability to manufacture while diminishing our own? Why give them the power? For Money? For Greed?

Enough is Enough.

True conservative values, which our Republican Leadership is lacking lately, is winning out around the world. Strong borders, strong national pride, and strong defense of each nation of and by itself. Then, we can be a world union of free and prosperous nations. Not a world of one government under the UN banner... or under a forced and corrupted US banner.

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