Monday, April 21, 2008

Iran's Goal: A Nuclear Apocalypse

Iran's quest to bring about the End-Times is as clear as listening to a speech by any one of her leaders. The self-fullfilling prophecy of bringing about the savior of man, or the next prophet, is done so by tragic warfare, with total destruction of humanity in it's current form... It would appear, to anyone actually listening, that Iran's hopes for world peace come only from making haste on bringing about global nuclear war.

This is the problem with religious fanaticism in leadership positions... such as the Iranian panel of religious leaders and the Ayatollah, in charge of overseeing all that the governemnt and people do. Their hope is to please their god by aiding the end times.

Don't believe me? Iran has been trying to obtain the technology to build nuclear wepons since before the revolution, and since 2003 has redoubled their efforts to create not just enriched Uranium for fuel, but Plutonium for bombs. All the while speaking of peaceful energy use, but ending the speeches and policy with "and by the by, we also are going to blow Israel off the map"... let me guess, blow them off the map with peaceful energy?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly mentions the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah, in his speeches regarding the future of Iran and Iran's energy program.

If we analyse the events and the rhetoric, we can better understand what is unfolding.

The use of religion, or the invocation of the name of a god on behalf of one's cause has been the oldest and strongest form of coorsion in the history of man. Fighting in "god's army" has been a battle cry of both sides of countless wars throughout the ages. Most famous was the Crusades, in which the Holy Land was being reclaimed in the name of Christ. What better way to get atonement than to glorify your god in battle?

With this in mind, there is no question that the leaders of Iran look to influence their subjects, as well as Muslims around the world, who see the tasks they are undertaking as the work of the muslim god. As a muslim, or a citizen of Iran, how can you question the actions of your divinely inspired leaders? To do so would be blasphemy... and to blaspheme would mean death. So it goes, that the leaders of Iran have taken the most widely used page out of the history book, and are once again invoking religion over reason, and their loyal subjects are powerless to stop god.

Next, let's evaluate the "code words" being used by Iranian leadership. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often talks about the use of Uranium for "peaceful purposes" while in the same breath talking about the destruction of Israel and the West. Let me explain: in the eyes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad they are not mutually exclusive... they are, in fact, one in the same. According to the story of the Mahdi, there will be peace on earth when the restores righteousness and changes the world into a perfect and just Islamic society alongside Jesus (who, of course, was Muslim and not Jewish... right?). So the peace comes when the world is controlled by Islam, and we are all subject to Islamic law. That is the ultimate "peaceful purpose"... death to the infadels, and survival and submittal of all loyal islamic subjects to the islamic leadership... I mean allah, of course!

Iran is in a dangerous bind... and that bind is tying knots in the stomach of the rest of the world.

Should Iran obtain nuclear weapons, or the capability to manufacture them, we will be within a decade of nuclear war.

I ask, if we can see the future and know what tragedies are going to come, is it our obligation to stop them?

Of course I am not suggesting all out war with Iran... but destroying the ability for Iran to enrich nuclear material... for energy or for weapons.

The alternative could be much worse.


  1. and to think Iran would be a mature democracy and a first world nation if we didn't overthrow their democratically elected government in 1953 and replace it with a brutal dictatorship for oil money.....

  2. by the way, Iran's Presidency is mainly a ceremonial post, the real power lies with the Supreme Leader.

  3. I never claimed that Iran's power was in the presidency... but I did make reference to (in many other posts) M.A. being a mouthpiece of the SL and board of clerics.

    Listen... The cause of all strife and failed democracies in the countries of Eurasia is a direct result of the Cold War. It was the objective of the US to destabilize the region to the point that the USSR could no longer survive, and would bankrupt.

    Frankly, we won the cold war... our objective worked. And what is left is the aftermath...

    Could we have predicted the world be in a state it is in 60 years ago? Hardly... 60 years ago we were a planet of non-space traveling, barely flight capable, and one step above wars on horses people.

    Needless to say, the instability of the region is reason enough not to allow nuclear technology... regardless of the cause.

  4. You again show an extreme ignorance of Islam. The Mahdi is not the Muslims Messiah, he is the Shia Messiah. His status is debated by Sunnis. Understanding the difference between a Shia and a Sunni is vital to having an even rudimnetary understanding of the region.

    You also show an extreme ignorance of politics, analyzing rhetoric is one of the worst ways of figuring out what is going on. You should know that politicians talk tough about everything, but most of it is to just get people riled up.

    Also, you should know that the populace of Iran is very unhappy with their government and wants democracy. America needs to take a less confrontational approach towards Iran in order to undermine the ruling regime among the people.

    I don't thik you would be so easy to brush off what we did in Iran if you were an Iranian. It was a mistake and a national tragedy that has sent that nation from a progressive democracy into the stone ages. Is there any wonder why many Iranians don't like us?

    The Cold War arguement was only a rationalization of what we did. It was about preventing the nationalization of a foreign oil firm and everyone in Iran and the west who is farmiliar with the coup knows that.

    The U.S's most atrocious policies during the Cold War had very little, if anything to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union. That had more to do with the internal political enviorment of Russia then anything we ever did.

  5. BTW, you say there shouldn't be nuclear weapons in the region, but I don't see any anger about Pakistan or Israel having weapons.

  6. I understand the difference between the sects of Islam. The Mahdi's status being "debated" by Sunnis does not mean that he doesnt represent the same thing. That is like a baptist and a catholic debating the role of John the Baptist... in the end he represents the same thing.

    Analyzing rhetoric is the BEST way to tell what is going on. Leaders are willing to tell you exactly what they are planning to achieve. Hitler laid out his plan for the Jews, just like the leaders of Iran have laid out their plan for the Jews. Total anhilation. And they are working towards a nuclear end for "Muslim Peace"... not to be confused with actual "Peace".

    The collapse of the Soviet Union had everything to do with our policies in the region. There were a series of perpetual wars fought all along the borders of USSR which took time and energy away from Russia being able to stabilize her failing socialist economy, which expedited the collapse.

    I do have anger over India and Pakistan having Nuclear weapons... as you know, every blog cannot incorporate a laundry list of complaints such as this. Israel has Nukes for defense because every single one of her neighbors makes claims of pushing the Jews into the sea... something you should defend yourself against, I think.

    Iranians need to stop blaming the US, and take action locally. That is the Liberal in you using the "blame everyone, do nothing" part of your brain. What we did in 1953, under a different president during our grandparents (or great grandparents) 4 generations ago is no cause for inaction in 2008. Take back the country... The US will surely help. But waiting for the governemnt to obtain Nukes and surely more influence, money, and power in the region will not bode well with an insurrection!

  7. i totally disagree with the idea first stated by the owner of this blog. for everyone's information, iran once was the most advanced society and empire that anyone had the privellege to acknowledge. it was "the perfect world", no one was discriminated and i included women, children, elders and foreigners; in fact, in the ranks of the ancient iran, the visitors were almost above the king and they were treated as such. this fundamentalist cause is very recent and if anyone here even comes close to an iranian and acuse him of intollerant, he would tell you to not judge someone by those around them. they just want energy, a BETTER LIFESTYLE, why can't we western folks see that? actually, who are you to acuse them of nuclear warfare? look at your country, your goofy patethic country, look right at your 30-40 year old nuclear plants and then look at me on the eyes so i can say this to you: should i acuse you all as well of nuclear warfare?

    Think about it when your plant splashes radioactive clouds to your face

    Think about it...

  8. @young_activist:

    As long as it is the policy of the government of Iran to deny the state of Israel a place on the Earth, as long as its leader denies the holocaust, and as long as anit-Western sentiment is the only thing holding the country together, there should be no nuclear weapons.

    I will make no assumptions about your beliefs about 9/11, but for those who would say that Israel or the US attacked their own citizens and nobody told anyone about it, is a bit rediculous. Consult Ockham's Razor for an explaination of this.

    As for Israel having nuclear weapons... almost all of the countries that surround it believe that it should be destroyed and have tried to accomplish this goal.

    Also the fact that Revolutionary Guard trained soldiers are members of Hezbollah is a bit disturbing in and of itself.

    To wrap this up. I do not believe that Islam is inherently evil, but as with many religions it has the power to be abused, and a theologically based society not only has social authority but also religious authority...And that is too much power for any one group of people. The United States has separation of Church and State not because we want to have non-religious citizens, but because a secular government is neccesary in the modern world.. and if Iran just wants to be better than all of us, then in the long run they will find themselves the outsiders...OH look they are.

  9. No one should have nuclear weapons. No one should have nuclear power at all. The risks heavily outweigh the benefits considering that we have the technology to create unlimited energy already but we just aren't using it.