Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama to Republicans: Get on Board, or Get Out of the Way

Obama's continual call to "Keep Politics to a Minimum" is already getting under my skin in a bad way! It is the battle cry of the left - when they are the minority party, there is a continual "kumbaya" for bi-partisanship and inclusion of their liberal ideals... Now that they hold a solid majority, there is a deafening roar of "GET ON BOARD!"

Obama's words are intended to slander the conservative values, an attempt to drive home the propaganda that "conservatism has failed - and those ideals are outdated and unwanted in the New America"...

It is the new truth - "Capitalism has failed" and "Conservatism has failed"... lefties are shouting this message from the rooftops... but what they do not understand is that they are cheering in the end of actual liberties... The pendulum in America is farther left than ever before - so much to the point that the structure of America is going to come under undue strain... and it WILL begin to crumble as we gain momentum leftward...

Capitalism, true capitalism, is little more than the freedom to create a good or service and to trade that good or service for a price that a consumer is freely willing to pay. The key word is freedom - the freedom to create and the freedom to equally trade for someone else's creation (or fruits of their creation)

Socialism, true socialism, is little more than labor for the sake of service - labor to normalize (as in to stabilize the economy for nothing more than "the greater good")... labor, not from our wants, but from our abilities - merely to provide for the needs of the many...

Under socialism, there is little room for innovative growth... it is better to keep the bloated car companies producing inferior products and to keep 2 million laborers working than to allow the market to correct itself and follow the innovation and NEW goods or services which may make the quality of life of everyone better... Socialism is the Government Regulation of which industries live, and which industries die.

Capitalism is dead - but not a failed policy... it was strangled by the slow regulation by increased socialist ideology, who eventually claimed that it is the solution to the failed capitalist experiment... using increased propaganda and lies to fool the proletarians into believing that regulations were part of Capitalism... in fact, they were the plaque on the arteries of capitalism...

Capitalism: I created an automotive vehicle - able to transport you from point A to B.
Socialism: You must make you vehicle conform to impossible standards regulated by the govt... and your labor force may have the right to force you to overpay - making your product unmarketable and inferior over time.

Now to tackle the question about Conservatism... Conservatism is not entirely dead - but it is clearly shadowed by the neo-con movement's constant "shadowing" of liberal ideals, with the eventual buckling to the leftward movement in America... true conservatism - paleo conservatism - is the steadfast adherence to the ideals of personal responsibility and personal liberty...

True conservatives believe that not only does a mother have rights over her body, but that an unborn and viable child has rights over it's own life!

True conservatives believe the words and teachings of the founding fathers - that true liberty cannot be achieved under intrusive government.

True conservatives believe that personal responsibility should never be replaced by government social regulation - that morality and faith trump fear from government.

True conservatives believe that a nation is healthy ONLY WHEN the government fears it's people - NOT the other way around...

For Obama to ask Republicans and Conservatives to abandon our principles for little more than what is being described as "a line after line after line of favorite liberal spending programs and it amounts to a big government bill, not a job creation" - well, that is pompous ignorance in the founding principles of this country, ignorance in the importance of debate, and ignorance in leadership. Ultimately, it is a shrill warning that anyone who opposes the New America is in for a battle - in for a struggle - a fight... The left are working tirelessly, led by the words of Obama, to convince Americans that freedom and liberty are only found in big government...

War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength...

Bush sold the world on "War is Peace" - the farthest left, Big Government President until Obama...

Obama is selling the world on "Freedom is Slavery" - that the free market, free choice, free ideals are nothing more than creations of the "wealthy" or the Capitalist Pigs forcing your labors to make them more wealthy... (unfortunately, we are becoming slaves to the bondage of the government)

Ignorance is Strength... reality TV has solidified the mindless zombie in America... the distraction which makes you FEEL like you are involved in a greater something else - but what is actually happening behind the scenes is that those in control are working to disarm and dominate the peoples of this land...

Resistance is not futile, Mr Obama. I applaud any lawmaker who questions your "bailout" of billions for ACORN, billions for condoms, and billions for other liberal pet projects... Show me where you have that right... and I will show you what rights I have!


  1. I am sick of Obama already! This country is falling apart. The liberals are taking over everything. Did you read Keith's blog about the fake psychologist Mari Edelman writing communist kid's books? I remember a country where the people living here loved it. What happened to the people? We are still "We the people" and not "We the select few liberals". I am starting to wonder if this country will turn into France.

  2. Who's Mari Edelman and what's Keith's blog? Dirt Bike Man you have to link to the site.

  3. Mari Edelman Ph.D. is not a communist. She is one of 40 super psychologists that were born in 1948 as part of a project run by the Directorate of Science and Technology. Run by Frank Olson and William Sargant they created 40 mental health experts that would be at the disposal of the NWO. All 40 psychologists were created from the same DNA making them all brothers and sisters. One big happy family:D. Little is known about Mari other then she was born with the name Sylvia Lieberman which was changed when she was 16. She still does publish under her birth name. Mari is known to be part of project MK-ULTRA. I would like to read Keith's blog. Can you post a link to it?

  4. You have your history a little bit wrong. There were 40 psychologists every year from 1948-1973. That means there are around 1000 of these "experts" that control the media. Also the part about the PINCOMB residents all having the same DNA or even alien DNA (from the Roswell crash) is BS. These were abandoned kids that had no place else to go. The swiss cheese website says that Sylvia Lieberman is Carole Lieberman's mom. What a load of crap. How dumb does Carole think the American people are? We know that Sylvia Lieberman (or Mari Edelman) is your sister. We know you are both 1948 PINECOMB. Please don't take us for fools.

  5. Carl

    You don't think Carole Lieberman was born using alien DNA? Just look at her, she looks like an alien. Also if she was born in 1948 then why does she look like she is 25 years old?

  6. A Couple Questions

    -What is 1948 Pinecomb?
    -Who cares if Mari Edelman and Carole Lieberman are sisters?
    -Alien DNA, Roswell crash... really?
    -What is the Swiss Cheese website (I'm getting hungry)?
    -What is NWO?

  7. One more

    Why did the CIA spell it PINECOMB and not Pinecone

    1. 'comb'....as in honeycomb....walled off sections of the same 'hive'(mind).....very cia....compart-Mental....so this part of the honeycomb knows not about the other part's evildoings.

      remember.....in America....a Nazi was/is target #1....in the '40s as in today. Any 'combers' are 100% terrified of being discovered.....so if you know one.....pls disclose (anonymously). There is an eradication of pine needles in process....ms molly knows about it...as does nazi bitch carole...as of tonight. Grow a pair....hate a nazi...save America. 777

  8. The spelling of Project PINECOMB rather then Project PINECONE is a debated issue. There is only one declassified document that mentions Project PINECOMB and some speculate that it was a typo. Others speculate that the CIA would use random words all the time. The popular belief is that it was named after the real pinecomb, which was a rake that would be used to clear dead pine needles off of the air intake vents for underground silos. A pinecomb became somewhat of a metaphor for if a few pine needles can block the air intake vents and render a nuclear bomb useless, think about what a few communists in America could do. It is believed that the super psychologists were supposed to be America's pinecomb and clear off the few communists that could break the system.

    These are all just rumors. No one really knows. Why don't you email Carole Lieberman and ask her. I'm sure she knows. lol

  9. Knowing our government they just misspelled it. lol

  10. Mari and Carole both work for the UCLA Medical school which is why you can't find their names on the UCLA mainpage.
    Here is a link to their medical school website: www.psychiatry.ucla.edu/vcf/

    Their just normal people who don't work for the CIA or MKULTRA. I know Mari personally and she didn't grow up in Nevada. I have met grade school friends of hers from Beverly Hills. Please stop blogging about nothing.

    1. where there is smoke...there is carole...and her ucla nazi torture crew....I am suing ucla npi....asking Carole to be an expert witness....do you see the irony in this? Or rather, the iron man in this? Nazis need to be eradicated....(round 2).

    2. where there is smoke...there is carole...and her ucla nazi torture crew....I am suing ucla npi....asking Carole to be an expert witness....do you see the irony in this? Or rather, the iron man in this? Nazis need to be eradicated....(round 2).

  11. Your website is shit. Your story is shit. Nathan do Mari and Carole tell you they love you or do they just lay there and smoke. Nathan who are you? What they have told you is a lie. Mari and Carole both grew up in Mecury Nevada. I know people who grew up with them. Nathan a last name would be nice. Lest me guess Lieberman. Are you pinecomb? If you do exist Nathan then you are a fucking dumbass. Go to the CIA website and do a FOI MK-ULTRA C. Lieberman search and you will see. The CIA admits she was MK-ULTRA so you have been told a lie.

  12. No there is nothing the CIA won't do. Moreover, Carole Lieberman runs the show "thru deception we shall wage war" and as most CIA agents, usually prefering black men/boys, were homosexuals they were all compromised and sold the USA out to Lieberman completely. Every phone is bugged by Israel including Clinton telling the whore sayannim Jewess who saved the blue cum dress that he knew Carole had the White House phones bugged. Thus she cut lose "Mega" the highest ranking Jewish Israeli spy in US government who sold all our secrets to the Russians and Chinese. Clinton is a traitor and coward, Obama is the same with a black face. As Sharon said publicly, Israel owns the Congress of the USA as they are all coward,traitor, pedophiles . . . and totallly compromised and blackmailed. Pathetic country owned by a country of Russian phoney jews . . . . ruthless scum.

  13. The only sane one leftApril 6, 2009 at 1:02 AM

    Who cares about Carole Lieberman and Sylvia Lieberman or Mari Edelman. The real deception is China and our debt to them. The United States is owned by a communist nation. Wake up America. They are winning. Now we are thinking about going to a worldwide currency. This is the end of the U.S. You all are worried about a couple of nobody shrinks in L.A. while China Takes over the world.

  14. Amen I am sick of hearing about PINECOMB. It happened 60 years ago.

    1. Yeah but I just received my discovery letter from L.A. District Atty's Office last month......fk the nazis....bang em out of my (our)....Country. Follow me....777

  15. What about North Korea? They are on the verge on a nuclear war. A nuclear war ends with another dark ages at best. Worst case is end of the human race.

  16. The month of July has always held a special importance to me because of Independence Day where we celebrate freedom from tyranny by using explosives.
    Celebrating freedom from tyranny and oppression takes on a more profound meaning with each passing year as our own government tumbles down the very chasm of despotism our Founding Fathers so nobly liberated us from 233 years ago. I suppose in our modern world old fashioned ideas such as the right to bear arms, the right to remain free of rampant government intrusion into our lives, and the freedom to speak your mind without being branded a terrorist have no place.
    Quite soon Independence Day will ring hollow, an ironic fedgov holiday in a nation where all fireworks, firearms, and chemicals are banned. A holiday where we kneel before the godless altar of multiculturalism and liberalism to murmur prayers of tolerance, but only of state approved ideas. Our great nation, and its independent people, are free to never question, never think, never stand out, never challenge, never disobey. As long as we remain ignorant docile sheep the fedgov will leave us alone and herd us along to the slaughterhouse with minimal expense and expenditure of ammunition. Oh how free we are, free to do only as they say.
    I am still plagued by that most dreaded of afflictions called hope. I am filled with hope for our nation and the world, at least until hope is outlawed by the fedgov. I know things will get much worse for the people of America, our freedoms will be stripped away by each heavy lash of the fedgov's legal whip until our bare bone is exposed. Once our nation is stripped bare of resources, its people ground under the heel of fedgov jackboots, and our streets spattered with the blood of uncontrolled violence, only then will the apathy evaporate and the people stand together to demand change.
    Some of us have a lower threshold for tyranny than others. Those of us who are not content to be treated as mere sheep for slaughter tend to penetrate the veil of the lies of advertising and media propaganda. Someday, and soon by the looks of things. Years from now I hope the knowledge gleaned during the brief existence of this site will be put to good use abolishing tyranny and taking back the freedoms that are rightfully ours.

  17. Right on. Way to fight the good fight. I wish Keith Ablow M.D., Carole Lieberman M.D., Sylvia Lieberman, Mari Edelman Ph.D., and all the other liberal fuckheads would get this.

  18. I HATE Keith Ablow. He is a super psycholgist and a threat to america.

  19. Don't arm a fool, if armed, must not be left to go on! Invade all little nations that are dangerously armed, overthrow their leaders and place figure heads as their leaders. Iran fought Iraq for about a decade! Why? Nonsense and foolishness! Why invade Iraq when North Korea is more dangerous than overzealous innocent Iraqis who like to kill one another, including innocent school children? Who ever has lived with an Arab knows that they are nice people, the other countries just paint them evil!

  20. I am damn sick and tired of biting my tongue, forced into saying stupid these “new” terms every year like African American, etc, and this latest dumb one "Progressive" I can't stand more than any of them ......And now the "Undocumented Worker" phrase!! You people are fricking illegal’s and that's that, and that's what I'm calling you, and if you don't like it head for the border and back to whence you came from and get back in line like my family had to do to come to this once great country and city that's now a third world hell-hole. I've had it with crap as you can tell and I'm not playing along anymore!

    From now on I'm gonna do whatever I can to offend as many liberal do gooders as I can, starting with this damn ridiculous story below about a young kid who wanted to do more than anything a skit about his hero, who happens to be Barack Obama as misguided as that is, that's this child's little wish. And on the other hand here we have his school that won't let the little white Romanian kid wear a frickin mask of the Affirmative Action president.

    A man who (while on the subject of schooling) got everything he ever achieved in this land and life handed to him on a silver platter from misguided and unfair affirmative action laws, paid for by the white guilt government at our mother luvin' expense (by the way as no one paid off my hundred thousand dollar education, first and foremost the damn government, mostly because I'm white.)

  21. I suppose you need to keep yourself occupied with something. I don't find anything you write offensive, just backward.