Monday, January 26, 2009

Beginning of the End - Iceland Government Dissolves under Economic Pressures

Under intense economic pressures, increased Mid-Eastern turmoil, and general uncertainty regarding "change" around the world, there has been the first of what I see to be many governmental collapses.

According to the Associated Press, the government of Iceland has collapsed.

The world economic downturn led Iceland to banking failures, and an eventual nationalization of the banks - the same proposal being floated by the new American President, Obama. Unemployment has soared, the value of the Krone has plummeted, and commodity prices have skyrocketed - leaving the people of Iceland with no faith in their government - and eventual emergency elections required to begin rebuilding the country.

This comes just a week into Obama's Presidency - a term that is going to be marred with similar occurrences - after intelligence reports indicated that Mexico is on the brink of a Civil War and governmental collapse, the Canadian government was reported in December to be on the verge of collapse, and Obama's Treasury Secretary is at a dangerous risk of inciting retaliation from China on controversial comments regarding currency - causing the US dollar to plummet into obscurity.

What is more troubling on the home front is that Obama is requesting $1 Trillion in "bailout" moneys from Congress - which means removing $1 Trillion from the economy (our pocket books) in order to redistribute elsewhere... of course, if his proposal indicates an additional loan from a foreign investor, it is going to be a tough sell to the American People that taking an additional loan equivalent to 1/10 of our ENTIRE debt from an ideological enemy is a good idea at all. In America, gas prices are on the rise, unemployment is on the rise, and we are witness to rising costs of commodities... There is talk of governmental collapse on the northern and southern borders possibly requiring US military intervention in Mexico... States of the Union are locked in financial crises due to large governments who continue to spend beyond their means, and are appealing to the Federal Government for bail-out, effectively eliminating the sovereignty and personal responsibility... Obama is penning Executive Orders which will put further strain on the ailing auto industry, regarding carbon emissions as enemy number one - though this is scientifically incorrect, as carbon dioxide saturation is already complete and only absorbs heat logarithmically, thus is not the driving cause behind climate change (which occurs NATURALLY) - the earth is about to plummet into a cataclysmic ice age, more on that later... and finally, uncertainty in the United States is leading the citizenry to prepare for the worst, at a time when the government is ready to step in and forcefully interfere with free citizens - creating an atmosphere of unrest and increased tensions...

Ultimately, the collapse of Iceland's government is the modern day equivalent of the canary in the mine shaft... What it indicates is not good - what it means may not necessarily be clear, but the evidence above of the recipe for world governmental collapse seems overwhelming...


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  2. That was really well written.!!!


    I said the USA is going to dissolve. It's going to. We're going to have a conservative nation rise from the South, Texas, and Western states. (And Alaska!!) :)


    Even in the worst of times, the best things happen.

    Great blog.

  3. religionandmorality -- blame everything on the gays and abortionist for the way things are going now! if 80 percent of Americans are Christian that means 80% of the economic problems if not more were created by GREEDY Christians and if i remember right. it is a sin to covet and want. Take a look in the mirror before you criticize.