Friday, January 16, 2009

End of an Error

Let's face it - Obama is not what put "Conservatism in Exile"... it was Bush. George W. Bush killed true conservatism, and replaced it with the idea of "Neo-Conservatism", where strength of nation is not imagined, it is realized - through war, authoritarianism, and increased "national Intelligence".

I voted for Bush - twice. Once in 2000 as the lesser of two evils (Bush or McCain), and once again in 2004 (where Bush or Kerry didn't offer much more alternative than 4 years prior). This is why I worked extremely hard for Huckabee's campaign in the primaries - with my alternate vote being for Ron Paul. My thought was simple: if we continue to front bad candidates, we truly get more of the same.

This blog was inspired by the latest from the Southern Avenger - and when you are right on, you are right on. His video is here:

Bush almost single handedly is responsible for the implosion of the Republican Party. His increase in spending, larger government, authoritarian, Orwellian, Open Borders, war mongering presidency led me to want to leave the party a number of times (unfortunately alternative conservative parties are extreme and ineffective) - but instead of leaving the party, I chose to get involved, in an attempt to drive home some reform from within our own ranks.

Bush Bashing - not without a purpose... To speak the truth should never be ostracized - though this is now a common tactic within our own party (and society as a whole). Bush may not have been the worst president, but he has been a bad one - bad for the party, bad for conservatism, and bad for libertarianism.

I echo the sentiments of my friend - the Southern Avenger - in bidding farewell to the End of an Error... in hopes that we learn from our mistakes and RETURN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO A PARTY OF LIBERTARIANISM and TRUE ECONOMIC CONSERVATISM.


  1. Hear, hear.

    And I was happy to see that the title of your blog entry is juxtaposed with Rocky Mountain Right's on the RMA 2.0 window thingy: "The End of an Era", a tribute to Bush.

    Well, it's been an "era" all right, and it's end won't come a moment too soon.

    Like you, I voted for Bush twice, but only as the lesser of two evils. And I have been nothing but sorry. I was already moving paleocon at the time of the 2004 election. Bush's inaugural speech, whose imperial outlook offended even the likes of Peggy Noonan, was something of a clincher for me. By 2008, I had had enough of this guy, and voted 3rd party like I did in 1992, when I had had enough of his old man.

    So, away with the Bush Error. I'm not particularly sanguine about Obama, but he's given us some hopeful signs. We'll see. Not that he'll move the country in a libertarian/paleocon direction, mind you, but he'll at least hopefully move foreign policy away from a neoconservative one.

  2. Jonesie -

    Unfortunately, the era that is ending is American Exceptionalism... Bush laid the foundation for a European Socialist to obtain the Presidency of the United States, to dominate the Congress, and now to lead this country down a path of "change".

    Two things are of major importance in North America -
    1. The expected dissolvement of Mexico, as reported by Military Intelligence
    2. The continued pressure by Quebec to secede from a Canadian Union and become an independent French Canadian Country.

    The combination of the dissolution of coutnries on both borders of the United States will aid in the precipice for internal conflict in the United States - as civil war will surely roll over into Texas from Mexico, and the secession bug will invade Vermont and New Hampshire from Quebec.

    The US military is already planning a surge of forces along the US/Mexico border - something Bush would never do, but Obama is apparently approving...

    Canada has already granted Quebec special rights of certainself-rule - sparking British Columbia to desire the same...

    There is a change a-coming, alright... a new era of North American chaos.

  3. There is a change a-coming, alright... a new era of North American chaos.

    If so, I almost welcome it. It very well may beat Yankee "order."

    Let the ashes of chaos come. And let the Phoenix of liberty and confederalism arise from them.

  4. By the way. . .

    The Southern Avenger Rocks.