Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter from Reader - too good NOT to share

All the credit for this post goes to John B., a local reader and active Republican. When we say it like this, it seems blatantly clear - so obvious that it enrages those of us who actually see the problem. Please Enjoy.


Thanks for your email. They are always informative, although not always uplifting.

As I look back over the time frame from 1929 to 1945 I try to analyze the downward spiral and the recovery that followed.

Herbert Hoover did nothing and FDR did not have a plan.

The rise of the military state (the Axis) was fueled by the economic conditions imposed on it after WWI and the depression that followed. Hitler offered hope, as misguide as it was, to the German people.

Our recovery was result of the demand created by WWII. At the end of the war America had the greatest means of production in the world. We took that production to produce both capital and consumer goods, and used our labor to build the infrastructure to support it. Then we not only sold but also gave our industrial production to nations world wide. (the Marshal Plan)

As we sold goods and services we accumulated both power and cash, with this we became a super power! Over time we have allowed our industrial base to move offshore and with it the profit it made.

If America wants to maintain a position of power, we must rebuild that industrial base.

The problem being, whenever you produce a product there is an environmental and social impact that a very vocal well organized minority will not accept. Not only that, but they scream it at you at the top of their lungs every chance they get.

The secret to the solution of the current economic mess is this:
Before you can CONSUME something you have to PRODUCE something!

To do this you have to build.

National wealth and power are the result of one of four activities:
Fishing, Farming, Mining and Manufacturing.

And the collateral activities that are associated with them...

Government needs to get out of the way! It also needs to foster an
environment that both encourages production and maximizes the output of the individual.

What's it going to take to get our elected representatives to realize this or more so the American People?

The answer is simple - the elected officials do not care. They are all preoccupied with their pet projects and favors to friends - as is evidenced by their $800 Billion "payback" to left wing organizations - those who supported their campaigns this election cycle... There is nothing "stimulating" about this bill... and I say it again, it is evidence that the elected officials simply do not care anymore.

The American people care - if they are educated on the issues... unfortunately, in today's society, that is like herding cats, or pushing a wet noodle... As an officer of the County GOP, I can tell you that I was ANGRY over the sheer number of calls I received ON NOVEMBER 5TH from angry voters asking what they could do to help... my initial thought was "hop in a time machine and do the work before the elections"... but I simply smiled, and directed them to our website - or took their information for future volunteerism - or informed them of small groups that meet regularly that may welcome the added support. In a world of distractions and 7 minute attention spans, it is a wonder how anyone can pull themselves out of muck and become an active and informed citizen.

Thank you John for your input and feedback. The thoughtful insight is worthy of recognition by me and the readers of the blog.

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  1. Hey Steve, this is too good not to share! Please check out this .mp3 from a Minnesota Public Radio program called "in the loop." I actually only caught the last broadcast (ever) of this program, as he's moving to an online only format. Nonetheless, he had some insightful things to say about the new "bailout" and this song is obviously on that topic.

    So, without further ado, here is the .mp3:

    And here is a link to the program for more info if you want it:

    Cheers, and you keep up the good work.