Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bill Ritter, CO Gov State of the State: CO needs higher taxes, Renewable Energy, and more

Gov. Bill Ritter's State of the State address - quasi Live Blog - my thoughts about what I have heard thus far...

The Gov. is dead wrong on Referendum C - the suspension of TABOR. While the Governor is speaking of the need to ensure a quick economic recovery, he is also proclaiming that the way to economic stability is a higher tax rate... this mindset is sure to create a more stagnant economy, as taxpayers are squeezed for every last penny available - and are less likely to stimulate the consumer market, leading to lay-offs etc... the cycle continues... Higher taxes and more government are never the answer.

Ritter is right on when it comes to Renewable Energy. Though the higher regulations may be more costly to the construction industry - in ensuring that all new homes are solar compatible - it is an investment in the future for Colorado's independent energy infrastructure. The best way to ensure this infrastructure has minimal impact to the industry, tax incentives must be mandatory.

Ritter is right on the expansion of clean Natural Gas exploration - so long as his environmental protection programs do not entirely debilitate the ability for NG extraction.

Ritter is on the mark for Dual Enrollment. In Washington State, where I come from, there is a program called "Running Start", where Juniors and Seniors can attend local community colleges, earning college credit, and graduating High School with an Associates Degree. Such a program cuts cost for University, and entices students to achieve a higher standard in education - increasing the likelihood of pursuing Masters Degrees. This program will be a benefit to the Colorado workforce.

The Governor is wrong about climate change - pollution and lack of conservation is one thing... but "climate change" is an oxymoron... the climate is always changing... we do not have impact on speeding or slowing change... only the pollution, quality of life/health, etc... it should be our goal to build industry that is clean for purposes of a cleaner environment - but global warming is not a tool to beat us over the heads...

Partisanship is now under attack - after 8 years of Democrats attacking Republicans under a Bush administration, we are now being asked to fall in line behind Democratic leadership without partisan questions or concerns... Perhaps what Ritter fails to understand is that partisan lines are usually drawn along economic and social ideals... Higher taxes v. lower taxes, Bigger Government v. Smaller Government, Social Change v. Social Conservatism... These are partisan issues - and when the opposition is simply wrong, it is the responsibility of opposition to state these facts.

32 minutes later - a record setting and generally somber address... a sign of the times - uncertainty and introspection. Welcome to the change! Be sure to comment on your thoughts of the true state of the state (or the state of the union - for those readers out of Colorado)


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  2. Sheesh, Patton, I've seen you make this same comment at about 100 blogs, (including mine) yesterday!

    Steven - great insights and points here. I have to say that I'm not very familiar with your state or your Governor, but I enjoyed reading your response to his State of the State address. I do agree with most of your points, btw.


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