Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Future Is Now

Hollywood has consistently used the election of a Black President (or a woman) to indicate a future scenario...

* Morgan Freeman is President when the world is threatened by an Extinction Sized Asteroid in the near future of Earth in Deep Impact.

* Dennis Haysbert is the President in the near future terrorist fighting storyline of 24.

* Tom Lister is President in the sci-fi comedy (?) set in a time of flying cars and interstellar conflict - the Fifth Element.

* Terry Crews is President in the horribly idiotic futuristic Idiocracy.

* James Earl Jones is President in The Man, after a series of deaths leaves him as the next in line for the seat.

There is no doubt that Hollywood has been a major player in bringing about the social change in the idea of a Black President, and their efforts are applauded. In a country whose founding documents included a 3/5 clause, it is a milestone for skin color relations to have a President who, at one time, could not live freely in certain parts of this nation.

That being said, according to Hollywood standards, we are now in the Future - and in the future there is nothing but catastrophe, despair, and end-times scenarios... Keep your eyes on the skies in search of asteroids, flying cars, and alien creatures bent on interstellar dominance.

Otherwise - for us non-Hollywood types... just keep your eyes on your wallets! Obama will need to pay for his social programs somehow... and the only drilling he supports is in the pocketbooks of Americans...

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