Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Example of how Media's Integrity has Crumbled

Natalie Dylan, a 22 year old graduate student in Women's Studies, living in San Diego, may be a cabinet pick by the Obama administration... no - not really... but with the CONSECUTIVE FRONT PAGE COVERAGE of this woman's "dealings" you would think that she is.

Fox News has run this story in its headlines for the last 3-4 days. There have been videos on their website about the story, discussion forums, etc...

CNN has run the story. It has been reported on the Telegraph. The list goes on.

The story goes that late last summer a virgin placed her virginity up for auction - now the bidding is cashing in at $3.7 Million - but she is still holding out for a higher bid... somewhere closer to $5 Million.

Here is the problem - The major news networks have been running this story for DAYS. It is all I see when I log onto It has been a little more subtle on CNN. It has been on Howerd Stern, Tyra Banks, and all over the internet. This is a non-story that every major news outlet is reporting on... there is little difference in the news between any of the majors - they are all reporting on the same smut! Why is it that true journalism has left the media?

It is clear that the news is nothing more than smut-mongers, looking for rating. True journalism is dead.

Another problem - the attention this story is getting is BOUND to give other young ladies the bright idea that prostitution is an easy way into fast money. They may be underage, less attractive, or less able to protect themselves from the lower class of society that would take advantage - instead of the millions they dream about getting, they will end up enslaved for pennies a night while a pimp takes all the earnings...

Why are we advertising on the front pages? Why are we propagating these ideals?

Regardless of my own feelings about prostitutional rights, civil liberties, etc - why are we advertising this at the highest level and in the best of light... In a world of "celebrity worship", we only stand to impact the lives of younger women who are more vulnerable... we are letting the media advertise the further degradation of the moral fiber of our most precious national treasure - our children.

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