Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Tea Parties - So Long As We Are Free

On November 4th, 2008, the United States was drastically changed - the most liberal leftist President in the history of the US had been elected - running on a platform of wealth redistribution and a slew of other socialist ideals. Since November 5th the left has been joining in chorus, relishing in song that "capitalism is dead." If Capitalism is dead, then the fundamentals of liberty have died with it - including personal property and personal responsibility.

The common theme of the Tea Parties is "Silent Majority No Longer" - indicating that the ideal of liberty, personal property protection, etc, is not a minority ideology, it is one shared by a majority of Americans - and that we are not going to sit idly by and allow the erosion of such liberties.

Participation in these events is nothing less than a show of force by usually calm and collected conservatives, indicating the extreme polarity being caused by the Obama administration and his extremely left leaning congress. Where we have been quietly disgruntled, breaking our backs at work instead of protesting every government event, the left have put into place an infrastructure to legally steal our hard earned personal property, our paychecks, the value we have placed on our lives and the work we have chosen to accomplish. The fruits of our labor are being harvested by the left in order to "spread the wealth" to those who choose not to work, or have chosen such an alternative lifestyle that they are unable to provide for their family in the way that you have done - though they expect that with their lesser amount of work that they deserve what you have worked so hard for.

These Tea Parties are protests against the reaping of our personal property. They are protests against entitlement mentality being supported by the government. They are protests in support of fundamental freedoms.

I ask that you give up half of a day of work - half a days paycheck - a few hours of your time in order to secure your rights as a free citizen of these United States... help like-minded individuals stand up and shout at the top of your lungs that Liberty is not Dead, so long as there is breath in these free lungs!


  1. Another thing I have found helpful is changing where and how you spend your money. I have been purchasing a lot of useful items that are second-hand or never used on eBay, and this is positive on several fronts:

    1) It's puts money that is untouched by government directly back into the hands of a consumer who needs it most.

    2) It reinforces the spirit of raw capitalism by demonstrating up front the laws of supply and demand.

    You struck a nerve when you mentioned how often people bunker down and work harder to bypass the infringement of liberty that government imposes when they steal more of their paycheck. President Obama, ironically - is counting on the determination of hardworking Americans to jumpstart America's economy, but in the same token will take the *credit* for the positive results of that hard work for himself when consumer spending and confidence is increased by virtue of the market forces that bypass government interference. Conservatives and freedom-loving capitalists, by their very natures - are feeding the beast that is trying to kill us, one by one.

    The original Tea Party was more than the mere token gesture of what is being conducted now. It was a physical action that destroyed a commodity people enjoyed; because as much as they enjoyed it, they were unwilling to partake in that enjoyment if doing so enriched and empowered their oppressors. When you bust your ass, earn extra money and proceed to buy a new car or HDTV as a reward for yourself, there is now a consequence to those actions: Your tax dollars and contribution towards the positive financial data will be used by President Obama's to justify his fiscal malfeasance and ultimately lead to more of his socialist bullshit being foisted on Americans that ultimately do not want it.

    If you really want to make a difference, changing *how* your money makes it's way back into the economy is the only difference that is noticed and felt by politicians, because Obama will be tossed overboard by even the most liberal congressmen and senators in a NY minute if economic numbers do not contribute towards an environment where they are likely to be re-elected.

    Stop feeding the Beast.

  2. The tea parties are organized and run by conservative lobbyists, namely Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity. This is by no means a true organic movement.

    And lest we forget, the middle and lower classes, the people who need tax breaks most, just received a considerable tax break. As in less taxes. As in you are being rewarded and applauded by the current administration for your hard work.

  3. SRJ - You are incorrect. Tea Parties are being organized by grassroots organizations - though some orginal protests may fit your category above, the majority of protests popping up all over the nation are grass-roots events.

    Also, as I noted in the article:
    "These Tea Parties are protests against the reaping of our personal property. They are protests against entitlement mentality being supported by the government. They are protests in support of fundamental freedoms."

    We are protesting overtly unreasonable taxes FOR ALL INCOME BRACKETS. I am smarter than the average Joe, and am NOT able to be bought off with a meager tax break - especially if it means a tax increase for those in the tax bracket that I am working hard to reach... Yes - I want to work my way to riches... The government wants to punish my hard work at a certain point. I am protesting for Fair Tax - the poor and lower/mid class individuals should pay a FAIR SHARE of taxes...

    We need to implement a fair or flat tax - we need to STOP SPENDING, and stop deficits... there is no constitutional reason for a federal government to have a $3-$4 Trillion budget... none!

    It is my intention to protest the size and growth of government...

  4. I agree wholeheartedly that government spending needs to be curtailed.

    I would only suggest that it be curtailed once the economy is once again stable. The reason the Great Depression was as bad as it was, as I'm sure you know, was because of an attempt to balance the budget during difficult times. No, our situation is not as bad as the Great Depression, but it is a very grave crisis.

    Spending cuts are indeed in order, spending has gotten out of control, though once the economy is once again strong and stable. Having voted for Obama, I surely tend to hold him to his campaign promise of reducing the deficit once we are through this crisis. I assure you I will be as adamant as you are for more controlled spending once we are through this.

    I will have to disagree on this being an organic movement. Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity are funding, staffing, organizing, many of these events. In essence, they are doing much of the brunt work. The Tea Party movement has also been product of hype and promotion from FoxNews. Without FoxNews, there would be no movement. You are naive to think otherwise.