Monday, April 27, 2009

*GRAPHIC LANGUAGE* - On the Iraqi Beratement Video

The following is the much talked about YouTube video from Iraq, where a US Serviceman gives the Iraqi Police Force a tongue lashing due to their lack of action in securing their country. I warn you, the language is fit only for sailors and bikers...

All I have to say is HOORAH!

This is the tough talk that we need out on capitol hill!

It is unfortunate that the Obama administration will most likely, behind closed doors, identify this leader and flog him harming the US image abroad.

In Other News - I have not gone away. I have been holed up with a sick kiddo and now am sick myself (not swine flu). When I am ready to climb out of the cave, I will get back to the action.

In the mean time, take a day and make it your own... as for me, I need to get back to sleep!


  1. Get well soon, Steven. I'll be praying for you & the sick kiddo.

  2. this one has been around for a while Stephen, but it is definitely worth circulating again. I didn't see it anywhere except on military blogs so good to see it out and about.
    I love how he chides them for being cowards, this is what it may take.

    when I was over there (on the water in the gulf) the language was very hard to get used to...and I was a truck driver for many years!
    You try not to let it rub off on you then after a few months you catch yourself doing it.

  3. US Marines 2012! :)

    Hope you all feel better, just got done nursing two of my own back to health! God Bless.

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