Monday, April 6, 2009

Why American Sovereignty is Dying

There was a time when the concept of a New World Order was the whisper between conspiracy theorists - but now it is a mainstream idea, being sold as the way to revolutionize the world economy...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated at the G-20 Summit in London: "I think a New World Order IS emerging, and with it the foundations of a new and progressive era of international cooperation"

The New World Order has always been feared as a conspiracy by the ruling elite to subjugate the "working class" of the world - creating a one world government aimed at total control of the subjects of the planet.

To mention fears or concerns about a suspected NWO would put you in a category of crazy, removing all legitimacy of current, past, or future arguments.

So... what if your fears were correct? As indicated by PM Brown in the video segment above, the NWO is upon us, aimed at erasing the lines that define our cultures and replacing them with a world standard - for better or worse, we are all recipients of the same government rule.

America's independence and founding was a radical concept, breaking with the idea of theocratic rule or government rule, and instilling the concept of individual liberty and all the responsibilities which are encompassed by these freedoms. The sovereignty of America was key to the survival of these ideas - that personal liberty, personal freedoms, trump government control in ALL aspects of our lives... The seclusion of America reinforced the idea that we could survive on our own - and we did for so many years... whether or not you ultimately agree with all the decisions in the history of the United States, it has largely been a driving force for freedom and liberty - at least at her core.

Which leads to the concept of a New World Government - an opportunity to trump the consumers of the United States - eliminating once and for all any legal blocks put in place by the "outdated" constitution - the very contract and fabric of our society...

  • It has been the constitution which has protected the right and freedom to openly protest our government.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to openly worship or to abstain from worship without fear of persecution.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to a fair and speedy trial, protection against unnecessary search and seizure of our person or property.
  • It has been our constitution which has protected our right and freedom to defend ourselves from encroachments on these rights and freedoms, by promising to never infringe on our rights to openly keep and bear arms.

A New World Order will begin by the series of alliances in the name of "International Cooperation". It will then lead to the creation of the proposed International Currency - eliminating all independent funding of governments. It will end in a Constitution or Rules of Engagement of it's own - a global opportunity to re-write the operations and protected freedoms from an international government... unchecked, unelected, unstoppable.

The death of American Sovereignty is no accident. It is a calculated effort by a group of conspirators to effectively overthrow ALL world governments, in the name of international peace and cooperation. The same loss of sovereignty was tested by the formation of the European Union, and is being expanded globally - all those who oppose will be taken by force - however that force may be applied.

The loss of American Sovereignty means the loss of freedoms - the loss of personal responsibility - and the end to obstruction from the implementation of Government Ideals. Resistance to being ruled - it is based in the founding documents - and the belief that these documents are absolute must be destroyed in order for true dominance to evolve... only it is not progressive - it is not evolving - it is devolving, from free peoples back to tyrannical single source control - this time the entire world is losing.

It is, unfortunately, the Americans who have the most to lose. The nation that invented true liberty, as eroded as it is today, is still the last best hope on the face of the earth... the undermining of American Liberty is the single greatest crime in the history of man...


  1. Right on!! You hit the nail on the head. We are all one right? There is no difference between us and China. Just that little thing called hmmm what is it.... oh yeah the CONSTITUTION. Fuck the New work order. Fuck France. Fuck the Liberals. Fuck Obama.

  2. I agree with your analysis of the Constitution and the fact that it is absolutely essential to our individual rights and liberties. The framers of the Constitution believed in unalienable rights that were endowed on us by a higher being and it is this thinking that framed the Constitution and now our Constitution is the basis for many countries who are trying to mimic the successes of the United States. Any attempts of establishing a New World Order would absolutely destroy our sovereignty and the social contract that United States citizens make with the government in order to enjoy the protections of the Constitution. President Obama is seriously scary.

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  3. This kind of policy might lead one to conclude that the framers put too much emphasis on independence...

  4. "too much emphasis on independence" - the main emphasis on independence was in regards to self government, not necessarily a lack of trade or goods, and as such certain international cooperation... it is when international cooperation becomes international governance that civil liberties begin to erode... our independence is nothing more than a continued agreement of self governance and individual liberty.