Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN Declares War on FoxNews - Sign of Agenda Based Left v. Middle of the Road Right

Over the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to watch CNN in any number of airport terminals - and having watched CNN in the past as a balance to Fox coverage of events, I noticed something new - ALL anchors openly attacked Fox News as a "Right Wing" mouthpiece.

Not to address any one anchor or reporter by name, there was an overwhelmingly blatant disrespect for FoxNews, viewers of FoxNews, and several references to "Right Wingers", being those who still hold onto Conservative Values in the "Era of Obamanation".

Fox News, not hitting back, rather, reporting on the increased lack of journalistic professionalism, invited the Founder and the President of the Media Research Center to address, from a Media Watchdog POV, the position CNN is taking in instigating these journalistic attacks.

Just as the report above indicates, CNN is becoming less and less "reporters reporting news" and more "activists pushing an agenda". They are increasingly insulting and demeaning of those who dissent with their political views, and as such have become nothing more than a political mouthpiece lacking true journalistic qualities.

I have said this on several occasions, and I will echo my point once again. What has developed in America is a battle of ideology - Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Small Government versus Big Government, Social Programs, and Intrusive Government Control. The two cannot co-exist... so we find ourselves in a battle where for one to survive, the other must be entirely destroyed.

If we fail in our struggle Libertarianism and Conservativism will be destroyed... replaced with ultimate Socialism and Collectivism.

News Media has now entered the battle in a most direct and blunt way. Where there was suspected bias before, the battle has begun.

For CNN to openly criticize "Right Wingers" and specifically "Conservatism", and to broadcast a vested hatred for their political ideology is little more than propaganda for opposition political ideals.

If ever there was a conspiracy, it is now. The White House and Congress, led by ultra Liberal Democrats, are pulling their collective power to eliminate opposition - that is using the "free press" (BWAHAHAHA!!!), the police agencies under the DHS, and their "Citizen Army" to ridicule, openly attack, and most likely when the time is right, to physically strike the end blow to dissenting views.

CNN was lambasted as the "Clinton News Network" during the 90's, failing to cover stories with an ounce of journalistic integrity... What we see now is worse... it has gone from choice coverage to open attacks of political dissidents.

They have gone from useless to dangerous.

To counter any attacks from readers who will say that Talk Radio is equally as dangerous, I give you this: CNN claims to be a journalistic entity which is held to standards of neutrality in their reporting. Talk Radio is opinion based radio directed at open dialogue on issues related to politics. Though there is a level of journalistic integrity required for Talk Radio, it is largely opinion based. News Media is a different medium, and is to be held to different standards... unless CNN intends to become an opinion based talk show - like Oprah...who is nothing more than the TV version of Limbaugh. One is journalistic, the other is entertainment.

When opinion is mistaken for "news", especially when it is politically motivated, you run the risk of intentional political censorship. When news becomes filtered and censored for political purposes, such as in Iran and North Korea, you have moved into a very dangerous territory.


  1. This was just one more example of the liberal arrogance that sits at CNN... why on Earth would people gather together across this nation to protest CNN? Anti-CNN? Give me a break. Not only was she rude to the man, she egged him on which only made him seem pushy in his beliefs. They have egged people on so much that they almost can't help but get angry when they are spoken down to like dogs. And then she states it isn't for family viewing... are you kidding me. Did she hear Janeane Garofalo going off stating that everyone at the tea parties were racist and that conservatives have brain problems? Oh ya... THAT'S family viewing.

    Sorry... I'm a little ticked off. I had the feeling people might think these things or nudge others and say stupid stuff. But to actually see them MEAN it and say it in such seriuos manners... wow... these people have lost touch with reality.

  2. Bug - Well said! Anti-Conservatism has gone mainstream, and that should be problematic to ALL who share the belief that government should play an absolutely minimal role in our day-yo-day life!

    Ultimately, we need to identify the polarizing factors, eliminate them, and move forward... this is how we win and they lose.