Monday, April 20, 2009

Anti-Conservatism Goes Mainstream

After the Tea Parties there was considerable talk about the meaning, intent, and lasting effect of conservatives protesting the government. What is notable, however, is the majority of the coverage was negative - portraying the protests as racist, proclaiming that conservatives were simply protesting a black president. MSNBC went so far as having a lengthy discussion about the mental retardation of conservatives due to the misshapen brains which we all poses... and this is the news of our nation in this time:

As was discussed in a previous article regarding CNN reporters "confronting" protesters instead of interviewing or reporting the story, suggesting that these 100% peaceful rallies were somehow "not suitable for Family Viewing", there is a dangerous lurch in the mainstream media onto the bandwagon of anti-conservatism. In short, the "Free Media" has become the "State Media", acting as a mouthpiece for a political movement rather than a genuine group interested in true journalism. It is one thing to pick and choose stories and add respective commentary, etc. - but the "reporting" as seen in the news clip above is shameful and sickening!

The common theme for this mainstream movement is "Capitalism is Dead", or that Capitalist ideas and "corporate greed" are somehow responsible for our economic crisis. This is a fear tactic aimed at confusing and diluting the truth - used many times before to drive a populist frenzy against a political adversary.

The truth of the matter is that the Radical Left is now the "mainstream", socialism is being publicly embraced as the new face of America, and all those in opposition are being directly targeted for social re-education... first through public "floggings", and eventually through re-education camps as part of Obama's "Civilian Security Force".

America is being changed dramatically - from a society of freedom and prosperity, into one of dependency and welfare.

Anti-Conservatism has gone mainstream - with the full intent to associate those identifying as Republicans, Conservatives, or otherwise anti-Socialist as mental defects whose brains are deformed and are therefore incapable of intelligent thought.

We know what THEY think about us... and we know that they think we all need to be cast aside... there is no will or want for negotiation, moderation, or otherwise sensible reasoning. They want conservatives and conservative ideals eradicated - like a plague on our New Society...

Equally - I want, and am sure most of my readers want, the mainstreaming of Socialism eradicated...

This nation thrives on individual success - however, the generational theft is complete... the push for equal outcome through my entire childhood, and those of my generation has succeeded in re-educating our nation into one of anti-liberty, pro-tyranny subjects!

Gone is the age of state pride - as collectivism trumps localism.
Gone is the age of national pride - as internationalism trumps nationalism.
Gone is the age of reason - as fear and misinformation trumps science.
Gone is the age of liberty - as social dependence trumps individual success.

If Economic Conservatism, also known as Capitalism, is the enemy then Socialism is the new norm.

Realized are the Entitlements.
Realized are the Dependents.
Realized are the Fools.

There is a common truth, that when any system becomes unbalanced it is thrown into chaos. It is true with the mind, the eco-system, and politics. Just as a Hurricane forms from unstable hot air, the more unbalanced the temperature the more destructively chaotic the storm; so to is the political realm... when such an unbalance arises, a chaos scenario is forming in the wings.

Our nation is seeing this perceived unbalance - where an economic Socialist like George Bush is demonized for not doing enough... and future Republican candidates attempting to run to the right of GWB economically will be lambasted as the enemy of America - when in truth, as was the truth since the dawning of the Cold War - IT IS SOCIALISM AND TOTALITARIANISM WHO IS THE TRUE ENEMY TO AMERICAN VALUES.

When these ideas go mainstream, there is a question: are we losing, or we have already lost?

The answer is that we are striking fear into the heart of the Socialist movement within the Democratic Party... and their retaliation is this attempted death blow... Fortunatley for logical beings, their tactics are easily exposed and will eventually backfire - hopefully in 2010, definately in 2012. If not, then the answer becomes that it is not just we as individuals who have lost, but the nation as a whole!


  1. Imagine the nerve of conservative American citizens practicing their Constitutional rights to free assembly and peaceful, we're just supposed to work, pay the taxes that pay for their liberal wet dream projects...and keep quiet.

    This past Saturday I was at the Tea Party in my hometown - Washington Crossing, Pa. More than 2000 people showed up and the weather could not have been more perfect. Picked up a nice "Do Not Tread On Me" flag while I was there. It was so funny - there were two police officers there and they could not have been more relaxed. They mingled among the crowd and were clapping right along with the keynote speakers.

    Even better was that there was no mention of party loyalties or one-sided criticisms, people were straight-laced and as nice as you could imagine. A lot of people brought their kids to learn something - that was a nice plus.

    Best of all, contrary to a lot of false claims you see on CNN or MSNBC about the race-baiting in these events, the crowd also consisted of some Latino, Asian and African American protesters. In fact, the blacks that showed up not only cheered everyone on but were there selling event collectables and distributing fliers to the crowd in good captalist fashion.

    Don't ever believe the statist talking-heads when they claim these get-togethers were a bunch of racist, uneducated white-guys. Far, far from it. I met some of the most decent people society has to offer.

    On another matter - you have to question the mental prowess and anything said by a middle-aged woman who looks like a strung-out hooker with an upper-body laced with jailhouse tats.

  2. Patently absurd. Statism will never rest, the tea party deniers in their rabid, foaming-at-the mouth renuciations prove that....

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