Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mayday! May Day?

When I was a tot, I remember May first as a day when we would sit around in class and make fake flowers, with the intent of leaving them on the door of some unsuspecting recipient as part of a celebration that "rung in spring"... Little did I know at the time that it was actually a celebration of communism / socialism in which we provide to those according to their needs based on our ability.

On this Snowy May Day, I am thankful that we are no longer growing up in the Cold War Era... but regretful that the latest generation doesn't truly "GET" Rocky 4... or the struggle that freedom had when faced with Socialism.

It makes me uneasy that in my class of 64 graduating Aerospace Engineers back in 2004, about half had no issues with moving to China to help China's goal of Lunar and extra-planetary exploration...

It upsets me that there is a lackadaisical attitude towards freedom and liberty in America anymore... and that "rights" are now defined as what the government "should give me" - without thought as to how the government obtained the goods in the first place (i.e. my pocketbook!)

It frustrates me that "Coming to America" is no longer a song in which the glory of America is exalted as the Right Choice and Moral High Ground in the world... Coming to America is now a right that our elected leaders believe every "citizen of the world" has, regardless of illness, intent, or ability... and once you "come to America" the government will provide everything you need... off the broken back of the taxpayer!

So on this May Day, I am remembering the communist training that I received so many years ago, as an unaware child... and I am thankful that in my life I was able to rise above the propaganda, and become a free thinking, liberty loving Conservative!

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