Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A thought for the day: Entitlement is the enemy of liberty.

Property rights are the staple of free market, and a country of liberty. Without the ability to take ownership of property, there is no ability to freely trade in goods.

Entitlements are nothing more than the philosophy of need being equal to right... or something deserved without having earned.

So if the enemy of Liberty is a sense of entitlement, would someone please explain to me why the Government (IRS) has sent me a letter explaining how I am "ENTITLED" to a free check worth $1200? Am I really entitled to this money? What is the source? From whom did it come? Did I earn this money, and how? How do I pay it back? At what interest?

I am not entitled to free money, and to suggest that the American People are entitled to handouts from the government is little more than supporting the mentality of a welfare state.

Am I the only one who was offended by both the money and the letter?


  1. Maybe if some of those iner city people spent as much time making something of themselves as they do whining for handouts we would not even have to worry about entitlement problems.

  2. So, what did you do with the $1200? Did you send it back to the government? Just curious. Here in Michigan I received letters from the Michigan FairTax and the Mich. GOP asking for my "stimulus" money so it could be used for good. I didn't give it to them.

  3. We are saving it to pay our Car Tab Taxes. In Colorado it is about $1000 for two newer cars... so from the government, to the government.

    Actually, from thin air, to the government... Unfortuantely the APR from the bank of Thin Air is more than our coffers are going to be able to cover... this one is going to break our backs...