Monday, May 19, 2008

The Defeat of America: Proof Positive - GET US OUT OF IRAQ

My Official Stance on the War in Iraq: GET THE US OUT NOW.

I am talking drop everything and head for the exits... no phased withdrawal, no permanent bases... Get out.

Have I become a Liberal Democratic Defeatist?

Quite the contrary. I simply refuse to stand by and support military action when our government does not have the resolve to conduct a war the way it needs to be conducted.

The Iraqi Islamic Party is calling for "the severest punishment" of a soldier who used the Koran as a target in Iraq. The punishment, they say, will serve as a warning to US soldiers to "consider the feelings of Muslims". And of course, the severest penalty, in their minds, is death. So the politicians of a defeated country are calling for the death of a US soldier in a country in which we are currently conducting a war. All the while, we are bending to their will by at least issuing an apology and sending the soldier back to the states.

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness," Hammond said to tribal
leaders and others gathered. "In the most humble manner, I look in your eyes
today, and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

Major General Jeff Hammond - a fearless leader in the US armed forces, humbly asking forgiveness from THE ENEMY.

That brings me to the point of this article:


The "war" in Iraq is a fake war. It is not a war at all. In war, an enemy is defined and subsequently beaten into submission... You define the enemy, and take away the will or ability for the enemy to fight.

The "War On Terror" is an ambiguous war against a tactic of fighting, not an actual enemy. So who is the enemy? And how do we know when the "job is done" in Iraq? If we keep "fighting terror", the job will never be done.

The enemy is Islamic Totalitarianism, or Islamic Fundamentalism.

Saddam Hussein was actually a stabilizing force AGAINST Islamic Totalitarianism... making him the enemy of our enemy, and thus a friend. Not the best bedfellow, but a friend in this struggle.

We entered Iraq without adequately identifying the enemy of the Global War On Terror. Had we done so, we would not have allowed the SCIRI party of Iraq to take charge of the country... SCIRI, by the way, stands for: Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

SCIRI is a political party based in Islamic Totalitarianism...

That is right. We have invaded a country on the premise of fighting global terror, only to hand the country over to Islamic Totalitarian Forces.

This is equivalent to invading France prior to WWII and allowing the NAZI party to take the reigns.

We have done the work of the enemy, and are continuing to engage in a struggle to support a government that NOW represents the ideals that we should be attempting to eradicate!


The two top fundraisers for Islamic Totalitarianism comes from the countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia. If we intend on ever actually winning the war against I.T. we need to take away the funding, and decimate the enemies will and ability to fight. THAT is a war!

War is not dropping food instead of bombs, keeping the population happy.

War is not apologizing to the enemy for insulting them.

War is not having your armed forces building the infrastructure of a country.

War IS removing the capability for the enemy to fight. Take away the will to fight. Annihilate the resources and eradicate the ability to make war.

This means destroying the Islamic leaders of Iran, and the Princes of Saudi Arabia... both groups are funding the expansion of Islamic Totalitarianism... Both groups are hell-bent on destroying the US... and both groups are responsible for ALL acts of terror around the world... Follow the money.

This is a Casus Belli - an act threatening our country, justifying war.

As long as we continue "humbly apologizing" to the enemy, instead of fighting the source of their ability to make war, The United States has NO BUSINESS putting our military in harm's way.

If we do not have the resolve to fight the war that needs to be fought, then we need to come home and hope that the next time we are attacked, the resolve will be strong enough to do what needs to be done.

We MUST engage Iran and Saudi Arabia with EXTREME PREJUDICE... secure the oil fields, destroy their economy, execute their leaders, and destroy the will of the people to revolt against our forces. Once this is accomplished, we will rebuild. No More Eggshells for me.

Name the True Enemy, Fight the battle that needs to be fought, and WIN THIS WAR!


  1. Watching Major General Hammond ask for forgiveness and kissing the koran was very sad.

  2. I've been looking for a conservative blogger with a brain, and you seem to have one. And a baby - congratulations.

    I disagree that apologizing to the Iraqi people and to Muslims was apologizing to the ENEMY. We're supposed to be helping the Iraqi people.

  3. Jessi - We are not helping the Iraqi people. That is the unfortunate aspect of the war in Iraq. We have handed over the country to Islamic Totalitarian Authorities who call for the killing of a man for shooting a book. Walking on eggshells for Islamic Fundamentalists, and asking for forgiveness is no way a General of the US military should have to act.

    Plain and simple, the General should have stood there, looked right down the barrel of the camera and said: "grow up you little sons of b-ches. It was a book. If your faith is so fickle as to cry Murder for the destruction of a book, then you have bigger problems." - Something to that effect, in a very Patton sort of way!

    What we did makes a mockery of the US armed forces, and our objectives in this war. It clearly states that we plan to do nothing, except win the hearts of the people around the world... that is no way to fight a war, let alone win one.