Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The New Conservative has cleared a hurdle of 200 posts! This is no large task, but something that is surely worth celebrating.

From here, I plan to continue posting topics that are general interest, but may consider a week by week "theme" to encourage continued readership. One thing is certain, I want to refrain (as much as possible) from being a sounding board for News stories. My hope is that The New Conservative can continue to grow into a site for activism and special interest topics with widespread interest.

Some upcoming ideas: The return of Wild Buffalo to the US, continued coverage of the Lakota with a potential visit to Pine Ridge Reservation to report first-hand, The new definition of Eminent Domain and it's reflection of Statism in the US... of course with some great political posts as they become more relevant.

So thank you to my readers. It has been a great journey thus far! Stay tuned for more great content as we head towards 500 posts!

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