Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pro-Life Olympics!

h/t to Michael at the Conservative Northwest blog

Proctor and Gamble are continuously running a commercial during the Olympics with a clear message, "Proctor & Gamble - Proud Sponsor of Moms"

In the wake of the Pro-Life Superbowl ad and the unnecessary outcry from the pro-abortion groups, the Proctor & Gamble commercial goes one step further and endorses life, and mothers who choose life.

Life, as I have stated in many previous arguments on the issue, is the foremost and most supreme natural right, without which no other right exists. It is not an issue of "punishment", as Obama believes - rather a blessing on humanity that another soul is gracing this universe to live, laugh, and love - to experience all that life has to offer.

To Proctor & Gamble - my hat is off to you.

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