Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Passing the Buck - Democrats approach at governing

Washington state democrats, who currently hold a majority in the state, have overturned the peoples initiative I-960, which required a super majority to implement new taxes. The Democratic Gov, Gregiore, will sign the nullification bill tomorrow opening the flood gates for new taxes. In fact, Democrats are already proposing a billion dollar tax increase ranging from cigarettes and bottled water to a sales tax across the board (with the obvious proposed rebate for 'working class' families).

In fact, tax increases of this nature are nothing more than the Democratic leadership passing the buck. Instead of refusing pressures from union bosses, cutting state employees, and otherwise curbing spending, they are passing off the cost of their unproductive government programs to the taxpayers. When they should be fixing the problem, they are reinforcing their habits by spending OUR money.

The democratic style of governing is bankrupting cities, states, and the union itself. It doesn't work, it won't work, and it is going to back fire come election day. If only 2010 were also a gubernatorial year in WA...


  1. I wish you luck, my friend - sounds like you're going to need it.

    And we're still up here, low taxes and all. Let me know if you decide to move a bit farther north! ;^)

  2. That's why I have always liked it better when more power rested in the hands of the state - because if a state decides to do something you vehemently oppose, you can always opt to leave. Case in point: When the Federal government oversteps its bounds, where can you go?